Nail Treatments

Today in place of a manicure I want to share a few of my favorite nail treatments with you, my tried and trues. I am actually in the process of a treatment now, so I will start with that one.

As you can see from the picture, this is OPI Nail Envy Original. I purchased OPI Nail Envy for Peeling and Breaking about a year ago, but never saw any results when using it.  After receiving multiple recommendations from nail bloggers, I decided to give the Original a try.

I picked it up on eBay for under $10 which is a great price considering it's $17-18 at Ulta and Target. I heard it was on sale for $7 and change this week on Amazon, but I couldn't find it, I'm sorry!

Within one application I noticed a difference. I have been using acetone nail polish remover frequently, and it is destroying  my nails. I end up with my tips peeling, thus causing weak nails which break more often.  Nail Envy has strengthened them considerably, and I will report back to you within a week as to official results! The first application is 2 coats, followed by a coat every other day.

Another nail treatment I am a fan of is Essie Grow Stronger. This is an instagram photo, so I apologize for the quality. This is my number one choice for a basecoat.

I have used Grow Stronger on its own, but I prefer it as a basecoat. When worn alone as in the photo, it doesn't dry to shiny, smooth finish. It dries to a rubberized finish, which irritated me in a way. Right around Thanksgiving my nails were longer than they've ever been (&since!) and I know it was thanks to Essie Grow Stonger.

As soon as my peelies are healed, I will return to using this as my basecoat for all my manicures.
The third treatment I would like to share with you is Julep Oxygen Treatment.  I will be completely honest with you, I use this treatment only for the pale pink tint color.  I'm sure by now you know I am a big fan of Julep, but I don't want to mislead you with this product. I didn't notice any difference or improvement in my nails after using multiple times. Those of you that are Mavens, did you notice any improvement? I know there was a lot of complaints as to the consistency of it- some Mavens in colder temperatures believed that to be the reason.  It's a beautiful pale pink and lasts longer than a polish, so I use this as my go-to neutral.
I have easily 10+ other paint-on nail treatments, but I believe these to be the best. Do you use any nail treatments? Do you recommend any?


  1. I have the OPI Nail Envy and I love it! I too use acetone polish remover and notice the little flakies on my nails. This has really helped heal them. Great post! Love.

    xoxo Amber
    Obviously Obsessed

  2. I need that OPI treatment and stat! My nails have been peeling like crazy too so I was excited to receive the Julep treatment - but it hasn't worked for me either. I do love the pink though and am actually wearing it today just for the color :)

  3. I've been using Nail Envy now for about a week and I like it so far - my nails at least seem to be growing without immediately splitting now. I was super underwhelmed by Julep's Oxygen Treatment. I was REALLY looking forward to it but so far it hasn't helped my winter (i.e. thin and brittle and breaking) nails at all. :(

  4. I need to start some treatment soon! Mine break so badly and are so thin. Then I end up peeling them off when tehy break instead of clipping them and they look even worse :(

  5. I need to look into these treatments - my nails are a mess and could use all the help than can get!

  6. I use Nail Envy Original as well, but only one coat. I never thought to use two, so thanks for that! I get horrible peeling and breakage on my right hand because that's my dominant hand. I am going to have to start using rubber gloves when I do the dishes :/

    Also, I figured out that the Nail Envy on sale on Amazon was only a one day flash sale, and it ended the day before I told you about it on Instagram. Sorry about that! I do have an alert set up though to let me know when it's on sale again, so I will keep you informed!