Navy Stipes & Irritation

As you can see from my facial expressions, I was extremely irritated when taking these pictures.  Let me paint the scene... I was hot, the sun was uber bright, I left my remote shutter on and the batteries died, the neighbor's dogs wouldn't stop barking, I was already late for a family event...I was exhausted and cranky.

Then it got worse...

Already late for a party, I pop my camera card into my computer after taking 20-30 pictures, and I see that I didn't adjust my white balance to sunny after using it inside to photograph my nails. SERIOUSLY?!!? And of course they were GREAT shots. It was too bright outside in the sun to be able to tell when the photo popped up onscreen. I almost cried.

Instead, I put my big girl panties on, and went out for a second round of photos. And my patience was nearly gone. But seriously, what a difference...

The colors just pop now in my scarf and t-shirt.  This outfit was nothing special, I just wanted to dress up a bit on the weekend to see family and celebrate my father in law's birthday. What better way than to watch Les Mis on a 10 foot screen surrounded by loved ones? I could have easily worn another pair of sweatpants, but I decided to dress up my favorite Target sweatshirt with a tank top and a scarf that pops.

This sweatshirt is extremely comfortable and I love the thumb holes on the sleeve- makes me feel young!

I am both excited and fearful at the fete in front of me of learning to use my dslr. I literally have to start at the absolute beginning- so much of the terminology is confusing and scary. The exciting part will be having the ability to capture so many memories, and to share much more here on my blog.

Outfit Details: Shoes: Target // Bag: TJMaxx // Jeans: Calvin Klein // Tank: Kohls (old) // Sweatshirt: Target // Scarf: Target // Sunglasses: D&G


  1. Way to go, going out for a second round - you're right, the next batch of photos are so different. And btw, I love your shoes... cute! The scarf and top are pretty too!

  2. Word of advice: shoot in RAW format and use Adobe Lightroom to process your photos, because you can adjust the white balance in the program :)

    That being said, cute outfit!

  3. I loooove thumbholes in sweaters :)