Peace & Love

So before Christmas I saw this sweatshirt at Target and made the joke to my friend Marcy that on me this sweatshirt would say rolls & more rolls, and passed on to other clothes. Fast forward a month and a $6 price tag, I fell in love with it. 

It's not exactly figure flattering, rather box-y in shape, but between the color, the neckline and the embellished "&" on the front, it's quickly become my favorite sweatshirt. 

Let me tell you what I was thinking in this picture: 'oh come on, take the picture, there's a car coming...what's taking so long?" Then I realized there are 2 options on my remote, immediate and delayed, and you can guess what mine was on. Well, I can say that is the photography self-taught lesson for this week!

When I decided to start doing OOTD pictures for my blog, I immediately was filled with fear- mainly that I would be too boring. I don't receive free clothes from vendors and brands, and I don't have money to show you a different outfit everyday. And seriously, this is me in sweats on a GOOD day. I have reassured myself that I do have the style and ingenuity to create with what I have already, only adding pieces here and there.

I would love to thrift, and show you how I incorporate thrifted pieces into my wardrobe, but I am a weird size and that makes thrifting difficult.  You see, I am literally right in between women's sizes and plus sizes.  Yes, I guess that gives me 2 different worlds to shop from, but it makes thrifting even more difficult. Seriously, if I could find a good tailor, I'd be set. This sweatshirt is actually an XXL from the (misses) department at Target, and the yoga pants are an XL from Target activewear. I believe they actually call these pants juniors, but they don't fit like them.

And by the way, the peace part of "love & peace" would be these pants, where the word peace is across the fold down waist band on the back. And every time I wear these pants, my husband informs me they spelled peace wrong...bahahaha...

I will brag on myself a little here and tell you how much I am loving my hair here.  I promise a tutorial soon-- believe me, it's EASY. And QUICK.

The love part would be my favorite piece of jewelry, my 'love' bracelet from lia sophia which never leaves my wrist.

I wanted to share this outfit with you as my everyday outfit, but I should call it my every other or every-2 days outfit. Even though I'm in sweats, this is after a shower and doing my hair. The days in between are pretty rough, but then again, that's real life. I'm not playing dress up!


  1. your hair looks amazing! the rest of the outfit is great too. thanks for sharing!

  2. You have the best hair! Seriously! I so appreciate you keeping it real! You look super cute!

  3. I hear you about thrifting - it sounds like we're pretty close to the same size and it makes shopping ANYWHERE difficult. Ugh.

  4. I really love this sweatshirt! The minty shade looks lovely on you. I'm also looking forward to your hair tutorial. You've perfected the laid-back curl!

    Fizz and Frosting

  5. That hair! Work it girl!
    Love this post because you don't see what everyone wears on a "down day" when blogging and pics are just not in the cards. I cannot wait for you to show us how you get that hair!

  6. The sweatshirt is adorable and shows your personality, and your hair looks GORGEOUS!
    Smart n Snazzy

  7. Love your poses! And oh my goodness, I heart your bracelet so much!

  8. I love everything about this post Amy! I don't do OOTD because I don't feel like my closet is interesting enough for the same reasons you listed but I love that you own these super cute and comfy clothes and it makes me feel inspired! I too have weird proportions that makes thrifting difficult sometimes. You look great and I LOVE your hair girlfriend!

  9. sorry, I didn't notice what you were wearing because I was distracted by your amazingly beautiful hair!

  10. Love this sweatshirt!

    But... YOUR HAIR is amazing!