Pink Plaid: Is there any other Kind?

Now that I work from home, I don't get out of my pajamas or yoga pants very much, so I have been trying to not purchase too many clothes.  I know I've talked about it before, but I've been working pretty much full time since I was 19, so I have always had a dress wardrobe- suits, pants, skirts, sweaters, camis, etc. and then my polar opposite- a plethora of yoga pants and sweatshirts.

In the past year or so I have been building up a casual wardrobe, one that I can wear out rather than just sweats and a tee.  I am a BIG fan of What Not to Wear, and I know Stacy and Clinton would be so disappointed with me if they saw that I wear out in public sometimes. There's a very common misconception that bloggers are fabulous 100% of the time- yeah, it's staged, believe me.

I'm learning that I totally over think outfits at times, maybe that's a blogging thing? Am I just a typical girl? I am absolutely in love with this outfit, I've worn in like 3 times in less than 2 weeks, and considering I don't leave the house much, that's saying something.  It's so simple- jeans, a blouse, and a white tank top. It's comfortable, flattering, and something I can wear into spring.

blouse: target // jeans: calvin klein // shoes: target // bag: tjmaxx // jewelry: lia sophia
I am officially out of outfit posts photographed by Jess, now I need to put my rear in gear and start taking my own pictures.  That being said, anyone know of a remote for the Canon T3 Rebel? I keep seeing this one, but I'm afraid it won't work for the T3. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks again to Jess for taking these amazing pics and meeting me for a cappuccino!


  1. You look gorgeous and I adore that top!
    We definitely need to meet up again... a "learn your camera" night will be happening soon. ;)

  2. Love the top! And I think over- thinking outfits is both a girly and blogger thing, although since I've started blogging I do it waaaay more than usual. Keep up the good work, I love your blog!

    **Meg @

  3. you are so so cute. I'm glad we're going to get to see more of you!

  4. I heart plaid...especially pink plaid! You are so pretty, my friend!!