Remote Shutter

For Christmas last year my husband bought me a new DSLR camera, and I just purchased a remote for it last week.  In an effort to take more outfit pictures and to rely less on bothering my husband, I purchased this remote last week off amazon.  So in order to try it out, I put on an outfit you'd probably see me in every weekend if you were around.

I'll work on getting more creative with my outfits, but for now you're getting the real me. Wearing what I am comfortable in-jeans, cotton, and flat sneakers. Seriously, what's the high-heel/wedge sneaker coming back?

So, as you can see from this picture, I'm really excited the remote works, and the pictures I'm going to take with it! My blogging friend Jess is about to start a photography for beginners class, and I can't wait to start shooting in Manual mode!

Tee: Target // Vest: NY&Co // Scarf: Target // Jeans: Calvin Klein // Wallet: Stella & Dot // Glasses: amazon
So, I'm seriously in love with these sunglasses which cost me a whopping $7 on amazon! I know fake is never in fashion, but if I could afford the real Prada ones, would I be showcasing an outfit primarily from Target? Nope. I have 2 pairs of genuine designer glasses, but considering I like changing out my sunglasses daily, I figure $7 is a worthwhile investment. 
Want to know a secret? I'm not wearing makeup, I'm embracing my bumpy pony-tail, and I decided to not carry my prop purse- I went with my Stella & Dot tech wallet that I carry everywhere. Anything else you want me to spill?


  1. I have that scarf and it's my all time favorite! I wear it all the time! I got it in a swap and it was basically the best swap gift ever. :)

  2. We need to pick a weekend for our photo cram session!!! :D
    Your pictures look GREAT fyi.

  3. Cute puffer vest, love it and the sunglasses. And you're not wearing makeup? Wow you have great skin. I look dead without makeup lol!

  4. The sunglasses are uber cute - and wedge sneakers suck :)

  5. Love the whole outfit, I'm pretty much into the same look too :) Except I totally am loving wedge sneakers! I have a high-end point and shoot camera and there's no effing remote for it. How crappy is that?! I need a DSLR... and a remote! So glad to see you posting outfits, and I loooove the sunnies!
    Smart n Snazzy

  6. Haha no makeup days are always saved by sunglasses! I do the same thing!

  7. I love this "real" outfit! You look incredible! :) Miss you girlie!

    xo Teresa

  8. Love these colors and your style! I'm trying to wear less make up in general! I want a DSLR camera, I made my husband promise to buy me one when we have our first child. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now a new follower!