Namesake Polish: Drew

Julep 'Drew' is by far my absolute favorite nail polish, and has become my go-to polish when I can't decide on a color.  I know for a fact it's for sentimental reasons as it's my husband's name, but the color has grown on me too. I did laugh that the only 'Amy' polish I have is blue, and the 'Drew' polish is pink, opposites for us!

This color is absolutely impossible to photograph accurately, even using my trusty iphone.  Julep describes Drew as a "fabulous fuchsia cream," but there are hints of orange in it, I don't see it as a true fuchsia. It's currently out of stock, so I am assuming it's a popular color!

I've gone through half the bottle since February, and considering it's out of stock, I need to cool my jets and start using some of my other colors!

Hope you had a great weekend, happy Monday to you!


  1. That polish is such a pretty color, and your nails look so nice!

  2. That is a BEAUTIFUL color on you!!!!!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  3. Gorgeous color, and gorgeous nails, as always!! :)