The Future Of My Blog

I have been thinking about the future of my blog for awhile now, and wanted to share with you some things I have been considering. This blog has become so much more than a hobby to me, and I want to continue with it, I have just run out of steam. I've become bored with what I've been posting- I want to branch out, but where do I start?  I know more of what I don't want it to be more than what I do want.


I like to think of my blog as a ‘topical’ blog, but is it too impersonal? I try not to overshare on here, but I've found that maybe sharing more about myself would be a good thing. I've found that I get the most interaction when I'm real about things, my struggles, my life, etc. I don't share much almost out of fear of rejection as silly as that sounds.  The funniest part of that is I have found more friends through blogging than any other area of my life, I finally found women just like me- fabulous, intelligent, stylish, humorous women that actually like me! I've always had difficulty finding friends, but I finally realized it's not me, but the women I was trying to be friends with. I have never felt as accepted as I have as a blogger!


As much as I love my manicure posts, I've become bored with them. I have lost the initiative to come up with new manicures- I've noticed that I've been posting mainly my monthly polishes from Julep for example, and not coming up with anything new. I tried to find excuses for this, but it’s simply a lack of motivation.  A large contributor to the lower number of creative manicure posts has been returning to work full time- ugh, it takes away from my free time and hobbies! That being said, I need to manage my time off more wisely, and dive back into what makes me happy.

I love to cook and bake, but that too has been lacking. I have been experimenting with freezer-crockpot meals which I know you would love; I just hate the quality of pictures I take, so I don’t take them at all.  This is ridiculous, and if I budgeted some time into learning to use my camera, this would be different. The fact that I only cook for my husband and I has taken a toll on my creativity as well.  We’re pretty much alone here; we don’t have friends or family in the area, so dinners are him and I in front of the television.  I’m also afraid I’m boring you with too many breakfast and chicken recipes- but that’s pretty much the extent of what we eat! A perfectly good example- I had a bowl of cereal for dinner last night, and tonight I had Cadbury Mini Eggs, fabulous right?


I have so many ideas floating in my head, but lack the motivation to pursue them. I struggle with depression at times, and there are days I have just enough initiative to get out of bed and work, let alone pretend to be positive and creative for the blog. I’ll talk more on this in the future, I am not ready to share this quite yet. I am sorry for the Facebook-vagueness of it, I will explain, I promise!

On a positive note, here are some ideas I’ve had for future posts, tell me what you think:

-Chubby Girl Fitness: I’ve found it’s difficult to start a workout routine when you’re out of shape and/or overweight- you don’t know where to start, you get overwhelmed, you give up. Or maybe that’s just me?

-Saw, Pinned, Conquered: Continue sharing my Pinterest successes and maybe failures with you

-Hair: I get quite bored with my hair and frankly consider cutting it quite often. I’ve given myself a month (until my 30th birthday) to experiment with it and enjoy it as it is, and I’d love to start sharing with you.

-Fashion: I’d love to continue and improve my OOTD posts in an effort to embrace my body as it is, and to show that plus size doesn’t have to be frumpy.

-Eating Clean: This is something I want to do more of, and would love to share tasty, healthy and most importantly clean recipes with you.

-Green is the new Pink: My degree is actually in Sustainable Business, and that goes far beyond the recycling and solar I talk about so often. I’d love to start talking about sustainability, what it means, and how even a small effort on our parts could make a big difference.

-Pretty Perfection: I started these posts at a dark time in my life, where I was surrounded by depression, anxiety, and a deep sense of sadness. I needed these beautiful things to be a pick me up, does that make sense? Seriously, I live in the country, ok? Every once in a while I want to look at glamorous and pretty things!

-Basic Photography: I am completely clueless when it comes to my dslr. Seriously. I don’t know what any of the terminology means, let alone how to take a decent picture. I’m considering literally starting from scratch, and sharing with you what I learn.

-Blogging Networking: I'd love to start networking and sharing blogger profiles- let's get to know each other!

That being said, I am open to feedback! Is there anything you’d like me to start sharing more of on here? I am looking for my motivation, for a breath of fresh air…I would love to hear from you!


  1. the chubby girl fitness thing sounds awesome.

  2. I love lifestyle blogs in which the blogger talks about a variety of topics. I understand not getting to personal and keeping some things for you.

  3. I swear we were meant to be sisters! I have struggled with all of these things on my blog and am sort of trying to refocus now too. I would love to hear more about you and your personal life, but I totally understand wanting to keep a lot of that private. I love all of your future post ideas, but my favorite is the ootd one. Plus size CAN be cute! :)

  4. I love everything you post but then again I am a little biased probably. I look forward to all your posts.

  5. I am very excited about your goals for your blog, I think you've got some great ideas, especially for your future posts, and I will look forward to reading!

  6. Can't wait to see where you blog goes.

  7. I love all of your ideas! I can relate to you on so many levels- blogging motivation, fitness, depression, lack of inspiration! I love what you have here and I love where you want to go...I'm with ya all the way!!
    I'd love to learn networking with you- I'm just dabbling with that now...if you want to start something together- let me know!! my email is =)

  8. Oh my word, I am so excited you live close have a new friend (me)!!! I would love to meet up and hang out in RVA in addition to the meet up coming up! I am struggling with major anxiety right now and when I say struggle (im sinking). It's amazing how many amazing people I have already met through blogging and what it has done for me....I would love to chit chat about this and how you got thru the difficult times.

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  9. Hey girl, I totally feel you. I've been going through similar struggles with my own blog -- not quite knowing what it is, or what I want it to be. I finally decided to stop blogging as I've been, and allowing my blog to be a hobby and an extension of my life, instead of my life revolving around it. Some of these ideas sound awesome, especially ones about eating clean, fitness and environmentally friendly stuffs -- I've been trying to accomplish these things myself!

  10. I really love your blog and think that whatever direction you take readers will follow. I love a mix of light hearted posts (like fashion) mixed with real life. It's a balance I'm try to achieve on my own blog.

  11. I'm totally with you girl-- I am bored with my posts too. Not to mention, I worry about over sharing due to the number of people in my life that know about my blog (coworkers, etc.), so it can be a scary thing-- knowing exactly how much is too much.

    By the way, I am totally interested in hearing more about your degree in Sustainable Business-- that sounds way interesting! Can't wait to keep following and see what the future holds for At the Pink of Perfection!


    Courtney @ Little Miss MBA

  12. Ahh! I had to comment. We share so much in common. I too am thinking similar thoughts for my blog and I too suffer from depression! It makes it extremely hard at times but I keep reminding myself to just take the pressure off, it's my blog...I can post when and what I feel like and if I don't, I don't. It's a fun and creative outlet that I think helps, maybe for you as well?
    I also loooove anything pink or fluffy!
    Your post ideas are awesome, all of them. I'm going to keep tabs in hopes that you'll continue!
    Sarah xo

  13. For a second when I saw the title of this post, I was afraid you were going to say that you're quitting blogging. It's good to take stock every now and then and decide what direction you want to go in.

    I'm looking forward to seeing of your newer ideas, especially anything you have to share about green living. And your recipes; it's been too long.

  14. loved your book! so many words that touched my heart as I recalled my own Mother and our relationship. t