OPI Liquid Sand: Get Your Number

I will say I fought long and hard against textured polish- I couldn't bring myself to like it. And you know what? I was being ridiculous- it's freaking awesome. I've bought 2 bottles so far: Zoya Stevie and this OPI from the Mariah Carey collection. I will say I'm mainly a fan of the textured polishes that have glitter! Bling bling! (RHOBH reference anyone?!?)

My pointer finger in the photo above, although blurry, accurately portrays the BLING!

So yeeeaaahhh..the camera won't accurately catch how sparkly and blingy the polish is, but it sure as anything shows my dry, alien hands!


Hope you had a fabulous weekend, I sure did!


Turquoise and Gold Peacock

The photographs I have of this manicure do not even come close to capturing the beauty of it. What started out as a rather simple manicure (Julep Lena,) was transformed into greatness with the addition of the gold peacock stamp.

I was taking a break from work last week and getting some sun on the deck all the while experimenting with settings on my camera. I was attempting to show you the gold shimmer that is in Julep Lena, but couldn't capture it. In bright sunlight the gold shimmer seems to be brought out by the gold stamp of a peacock feather.

The stamp is by Nail Craze and stamped in Essie 'Good as Gold.' The peacock is a large stamp, so those of you with smaller nail beds may be disappointed.  I'm kinda psyched to grow my nails out in order to fit more of the design on my nails. I LOVE anything peacock.

Lena was part of my April Julep Maven selections, with Kaylen and Avery being just as bright and beautiful!

As usual, the most color-accurate photo comes from my iphone:

Hope your Monday isn't as dark, cold, and rainy as mine!

I'm a Boat Captain

I was pleasantly surprised last weekend to find out I could still fit in Old Navy clothes, a fact that I came upon by accident. Long story short, through my work facebook account, I saw that a friend had "liked" Old Navy, and it showed up as a suggested page, with an amazing chevron maxi dress as the profile picture. Not only did I "like" the page, I spent $75. Nice.

I purchased two maxi dresses in XXL (Misses) and crossed my fingers they would fit. Well, not only did they fit, they were way too big. It's a good feeling, considering I haven't been to Old Navy in years fearing I was only able to wear Plus, which isn't sold in stores. Because they weren't plus, I was able to return/exchange in store, picking up the XL dresses to replace them.

Of course I immediately made up for the years I hadn't shopped there, picking up the above heart sweater, a denim jacket, an outdoor/active zip sweatshirt, the maxi dress, and these linen pants.  Just when I thought I was destined to never find comfortable (dressier) pants, I came across fold-over linen pants. My mind was blown. These are by far the most comfortable pants, and are figure flattering as well.

The boat captain you ask? The day I tried these pants on at Old Navy I was wearing the same gold boat shoes, and immediately thought of Joel McHale from The Soup's impression of Hugh Heffner... "I'm a boat captain!" No? Then I got it stuck in my head and it wouldn't go away.

I am absolutely blown away at times with the view from our back yard, isn't it beautiful? Every now and then some livestock will wander across it, or a redneck's dead truck will be parked in the field, but it is absolutely stunning. 

I don't usually like taking outfit pictures on the weekends as there are more people around, but I somehow swindled my husband into taking these pictures for me, giving me a chance to get somewhat decent photos while avoiding the hair in the lipstick nightmare. My absolute joy of spending time with my best friend:

T-Shirt | Pants | Shoes: TJMaxx | Bag | Necklace (Ebay) | Sunglasses