I'm a Boat Captain

I was pleasantly surprised last weekend to find out I could still fit in Old Navy clothes, a fact that I came upon by accident. Long story short, through my work facebook account, I saw that a friend had "liked" Old Navy, and it showed up as a suggested page, with an amazing chevron maxi dress as the profile picture. Not only did I "like" the page, I spent $75. Nice.

I purchased two maxi dresses in XXL (Misses) and crossed my fingers they would fit. Well, not only did they fit, they were way too big. It's a good feeling, considering I haven't been to Old Navy in years fearing I was only able to wear Plus, which isn't sold in stores. Because they weren't plus, I was able to return/exchange in store, picking up the XL dresses to replace them.

Of course I immediately made up for the years I hadn't shopped there, picking up the above heart sweater, a denim jacket, an outdoor/active zip sweatshirt, the maxi dress, and these linen pants.  Just when I thought I was destined to never find comfortable (dressier) pants, I came across fold-over linen pants. My mind was blown. These are by far the most comfortable pants, and are figure flattering as well.

The boat captain you ask? The day I tried these pants on at Old Navy I was wearing the same gold boat shoes, and immediately thought of Joel McHale from The Soup's impression of Hugh Heffner... "I'm a boat captain!" No? Then I got it stuck in my head and it wouldn't go away.

I am absolutely blown away at times with the view from our back yard, isn't it beautiful? Every now and then some livestock will wander across it, or a redneck's dead truck will be parked in the field, but it is absolutely stunning. 

I don't usually like taking outfit pictures on the weekends as there are more people around, but I somehow swindled my husband into taking these pictures for me, giving me a chance to get somewhat decent photos while avoiding the hair in the lipstick nightmare. My absolute joy of spending time with my best friend:

T-Shirt | Pants | Shoes: TJMaxx | Bag | Necklace (Ebay) | Sunglasses


  1. Um, I need those pants. Stat. PS: You need to take me shopping. I have zero style. Help meeee.

  2. I LOVE Old Navy! I wear an XL there as well, and I must say that I feel great about it every time I try on clothes there! Haha.

  3. Super cute!! I love those Old Navy linen pants! They look super comfy! Hope they have them at my store!

  4. Those pants look cute!! And I love your purse and that heart sweater. Ok basically I love everything in the pictures. Arg!

  5. You look awesome! I haven't shopped at Old Navy in a while, but lately I have been very impressed at the new items they have came up with!!!!! You have the prettiest smile :-)

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  6. You are so darn pretty! I want to make a trip to Old Navy soon too-- I am in desperate need of some new work clothes (blah, my LEAST favorite thing to shop for!).

    xoxo, Courtney @ Little Miss MBA

  7. I want those pants, and also your smile - is just freaking gorgeous

  8. You look fabulous!!! I love Old Navy, they always have such comfy clothes for a steal!