All Of the Lights

I waited a little late in the day to photograph these, but if you follow me on Instagram, you know why. I juiced for lunch, and the beets were extra strong and dyed my fingers:

I used OPI Bubble Bath (3 coats) and Lights of Emerald City (2 coats) for this manicure which was inspired by the Oz collection. Lights of Emerald City was the only polish I wanted from that collection, with the other colors dupable, and the gold glitter a little too taco glitter for me. I just threw nail blogger terms at you there: dupable (other, near exact colors) and taco glitter (when a polish contains large pieces of glitter that curl up like a taco shell.) 

I liked that this was a neutral manicure color-wise, but has that pop of sparkle that I love. The white square pieces of glitter I'm not too in love with, but the smaller iridescent pieces coordinate perfectly with the neutral, pale pink of Bubble Bath.
I picked up Lights of Emerald City at Ulta during the 2 for $15 sale last week, and cracked open Bubble Bath after getting that a few months ago for free at Ulta. So overall, $7.50 for 2 OPI's isn't a bad deal! 

Let's Blog

So yeah, it's been awhile. And I will say my absence has been bittersweet- on one hand I've missed the community of blogging, but I will not deny the break has been great.  The blame for my absence falls entirely on work. You see, I sit in front of a computer 9-10 hours a day, and when I finally walk away around 6-7 every night, the last thing I want to do is jump back on a computer.

I've been working from home since December, but have yet to strike a balance between work and home life. I know this sounds ridiculous, but those of you that work from home can understand how difficult it is to walk away at the end of the day. When I was working in an office, it closed at 5pm- we were required to leave, which isn't the case at home. I can keep working and working and not stop...and that is draining all my energy. I'm all about working smarter rather than harder, and in the last few weeks have put some new strategies into place to put this into action.

That being said, I've missed my blog, I've missed finding new blogs and following my tried and trues.  Those that are bloggers can understand the creativity and initiative to blog comes and goes, and a break can lead to better posts in the future. I feel like I keep telling you that and not producing....well yeah, you're right. But I'm still painting my nails, forcing myself to style-up once a week, cook & bake, learning to use my DSLR, and enjoying my new hobby, juicing. (I cannot WAIT to share that with you!)

I hope you're enjoying your weekend like I am! Here's to a relaxing Sunday- my plans: organizing my living room bookshelves, juicing, and anticipating the premier of Drop Dead Diva tonight. Yep, it's cheese-central but I love it.

'Cheers to the freakin' weekend!'

One Line A Day

I found this book at Target about a month ago, and couldn't wait to begin writing in it. We've surprised ourselves in that we've written in the book every day for a month, with the exception of one day at the beach. I've taken it in my bag when and wherever we travel, making a point to write about where we are, who we're with, and what we're doing. 

The book is a five year memory book, designed in a day-to-day journal.  Each page has 5 sections for the next five years to write whatever your heart desires. 

I will admit not everyday is very exciting, but we make a point to write even if it was a boring Tuesday night eating leftovers on the couch while watching TV. Oh, and when we argue as married couples do, we put it in the book. I know down the road we will laugh at the trivial things we were so passionately arguing about at the time. 

The book is also available in a Mother's version, but the only difference is a pink cover- the inside is exactly the same. I can see the Mother's version being a hit- it could be a place to journal the little daily activities which may seem mundane at the time, but will make for good reading later down the road. 

We have a spare journal, so we're set up for the next ten years at this point! I keep it at my bedside and write in it faithfully, a trait I am hoping to continue the next 10+ years. 

Is this something you would do with your family?



I got the idea for this post from Ricci when I was stalking, well reading her blog the other night. As of right now I only have one week of vacation planned where I won't be working, but the majority of my goals can be accomplished while working full time. 

The picture above is from last weekend when my husband and I visited my sister in law and niece in Stella, NC. My younger brother is stationed at Camp Legeune, which is conveniently located quite close to Emerald Isle. We spent a few hours on the beach chatting and enjoying 'adult Capri Suns,' before heading out to a delicious Iatlian restaurant with a picturesque dining patio and heading home to watch The Dictator. (Hilarious movie by the way...)

I am a list maker. I receive no greater satisfaction in life than to make a list and gradually cross things off it. At any given time I have a million thoughts, reminders, ideas, plans, etc going though my mind, and it adds clarity to my life to prioritize them in the form of a list. I recently saw an e-card on Pinterest that a woman's brain is like a browser with hundreds of windows open at any given time. So true, is it not? We have recently begun juicing (more to come on this,) and I can already say after a week I have gained clarity. I digress...

I feel like I get stuck in a routine a lot with my downtime, do you do the same? I get off of work at night between 5:30-7pm depending on the day, and come downstairs to forage for dinner and spend the rest of the night on the couch. I'll be honest with you, most days this is exactly what I need, I have a pretty high-stress job as a high-volume recruiter. But there are other nights that I don't want to veg out, I'd like to accomplish something.  Until we determine if we're moving or not I don't want to invest any time much less finances into our home, but I need to invest in my hobbies. That being said, here is my summer bucket list. 

1. Conquer the Canon.  I have stated this as a goal numerous times, but I feel like I have the appropriate tools now. I bought my Canon T3 in February so 2012, and have yet to take it off Prgram mode. I am dying to take better shots, play with lighting, and finally make sense of photography jargon like aperture, ISO, f-stops, etc.  I purchased the for dummies book, and look forward to sitting with my nook and my camera and starting at the very beginning. 

2. Read a Book. Or, R-E-A-D A B-O-ok! (LOVE that video!) I cannot tell you the last time I read a book. Yes, seriously. It's been over a year I'm sure, and high time I pull myself away from the idiot box and engulfed my time elsewhere. I am setting a goal of 3 books, titles yet to be determined. I have easily 10-15 books purchased on my nook that are demanding my attention to start with. 

3. Create and Initiate a Wellness Plan.  I've been realizing lately that I can't get away with mistreating and neglecting my health like I did in my early to mid twenties. I don't wash my face daily, I don't floss like I should, hell-I'll be honest, I have been know to go more than a day without brushing my teeth. Also included will be my newfound love of juicing, walking in the morning, and upping my water intake. 

Now seeing these 3 things in print makes it more of a goal list rather than a bucket list, but I plan on reporting back on Labor Day my progress!

What summer goals, if any have you set for yourself?

Charcoal Bling

I've been working long hours recently, and the only blog-related activities I've partaken in revolves around my nails. Surprise surprise!

The polishes I used are Zoya Kelly, Kendal, and China Glaze 'Some Like it Haute.' Zoya Kendal is the perfect neutral, and I love using it as a base for a wild accent nail. I was sad to see that Some Like It Haute (awesome name right?!?) was really thick and gloopy, and only after a year. I'll put some nail polish thinner in it (Available at Sally's) and attempt to save it. 

Hope you had a great weekend, now that it's practically Wednesday!