Monday, June 24, 2013

All Of the Lights

I waited a little late in the day to photograph these, but if you follow me on Instagram, you know why. I juiced for lunch, and the beets were extra strong and dyed my fingers:

I used OPI Bubble Bath (3 coats) and Lights of Emerald City (2 coats) for this manicure which was inspired by the Oz collection. Lights of Emerald City was the only polish I wanted from that collection, with the other colors dupable, and the gold glitter a little too taco glitter for me. I just threw nail blogger terms at you there: dupable (other, near exact colors) and taco glitter (when a polish contains large pieces of glitter that curl up like a taco shell.) 

I liked that this was a neutral manicure color-wise, but has that pop of sparkle that I love. The white square pieces of glitter I'm not too in love with, but the smaller iridescent pieces coordinate perfectly with the neutral, pale pink of Bubble Bath.
I picked up Lights of Emerald City at Ulta during the 2 for $15 sale last week, and cracked open Bubble Bath after getting that a few months ago for free at Ulta. So overall, $7.50 for 2 OPI's isn't a bad deal! 


  1. pretty, I miss having all my nail polish. So my nails have been naked. For a couple of weeks now

  2. I didn't realize beets could do that! The mani is so pretty! I love it!

  3. What a pretty nail polish, I love the glitter chunks! Very fun!

  4. Ooooo I love it! And welcome back to blogging; I'm sure it is tough to find balance working from home.

  5. Loving that color!

    Also, that always happens when I do anything with beets. Eeps.

  6. Nothing like a little confetti to get the party started! Love this!


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