One Line A Day

I found this book at Target about a month ago, and couldn't wait to begin writing in it. We've surprised ourselves in that we've written in the book every day for a month, with the exception of one day at the beach. I've taken it in my bag when and wherever we travel, making a point to write about where we are, who we're with, and what we're doing. 

The book is a five year memory book, designed in a day-to-day journal.  Each page has 5 sections for the next five years to write whatever your heart desires. 

I will admit not everyday is very exciting, but we make a point to write even if it was a boring Tuesday night eating leftovers on the couch while watching TV. Oh, and when we argue as married couples do, we put it in the book. I know down the road we will laugh at the trivial things we were so passionately arguing about at the time. 

The book is also available in a Mother's version, but the only difference is a pink cover- the inside is exactly the same. I can see the Mother's version being a hit- it could be a place to journal the little daily activities which may seem mundane at the time, but will make for good reading later down the road. 

We have a spare journal, so we're set up for the next ten years at this point! I keep it at my bedside and write in it faithfully, a trait I am hoping to continue the next 10+ years. 

Is this something you would do with your family?



  1. What a really neat idea! Good that you guys have been able to keep it up.

  2. I love this idea!!! I may start implementing this into my daily routine :)

  3. I had been looking for one of these! I will be checking Target!!!!

  4. That is such a great idea, not sure I'd be able keep up with it but it would be so fun to read past memories!

  5. I've been eyeing one of these journals for awhile now! Glad to hear you like it, you inspired me to finally order one from Urban!

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