#Life Lately

Here's a little snap shot into my life lately, not like it's really anything to write home about. If you follow me on instagram or on facebook, you pretty much see the extent of my life anyways: juicing, nails, and work mainly, and then throw in an indulgent #thisiswhyijuice recipe. And you know what? As boring as it may sound, I love my life and wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe find some new friends, but for now, my life is perfect.


You may have noticed that my latest passion is juicing- I can't get enough. Researching new recipes, experimenting with new fruits and vegetables, hunting down unusual produce, and then actually tasting the juices and enjoying the healthy high that they bring, has taken up a large part of my life.

I will say I am extremely proud of my husband and I for incorporating juicing into our lifestyle. The past week or 2 we haven't been as strict due to traveling for work and social outings, but juicing has become what we do for lunch.  My mission to get healthy has begun with adding rather than taking away from our diets and lifestyle, and I am happy to report we've successfully added juicing!

{Home Improvements} 

We started repurposing our deck, and as you can see from the first picture, it's been a long time coming! Our house was built in 1998 and I have a feeling it hasn't been touched since it was built-- what do you think? We've power washed it, gave it new life, and are now waiting for cooler weather to use Restore by Rustoleum and totally repurpose it. 


In the last month or so, my husband and I have visited my sister-in-law and niece in North Carolina, ran up to NJ for a quick one-night stay for my mom's 60th birthday (above,) and spent a glorious week here in Virginia Beach:

Sigh...can we go back? Or can we just move there? Seriously!


Aside from the obvious cell phone pictures above, can you tell I've been working on my photography skills? It's a steady, slow process- just when I think I have a handle on something, the light changes and I'm back at square one. The notebook above I picked up at Target and thought was absolutely the most perfect notebook I could ever find for taking notes on photography, right?

{This is Why I Juice} 

I am super excited to start a new series of recipes on here with the hashtag of 'this is why I juice.' (#thisiswhyijuice.) As I stated above, we are all about adding healthy into our diets and lifestyle rather than taking away. The above pictures are an all-out Saturday morning breakfast at home, homemade {mostly organic} nachos, and homemade chicken-broccoli hot pockets, all fatty, indulgent, and absolutely delicious recipes that I will juice for any day! When I juice for lunch, I don't feel guilty indulging in a dinner like this every once in awhile, you know what I'm saying? I will be sharing these recipes in the coming weeks as well as cookie cakes, calzones, drinks, and more...please stay tuned!

Hopefully you enjoyed a glimpse into my life here in the boring ass country- what have you been up to?

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  1. Sounds like you have been a busy bee!! All good things though :D

  2. Love these pics! You make me want to juice and try those yummy looking hot pockets!

  3. I've never tried juicing but you're making me want to! Girl, I wish we lived closer so we could be besties. :)

  4. Those juicing pics, yum! I love juicing but I get lazy about it since it's a little hard to juice for just one person.

  5. You sure have been busy!! And I have totally noticed your amazing photography lately. Keep it up! I am so inspired by you!!

  6. How many juicing recipes do you have? Which is your favorite?