Mani Monday: Maybelline Pretty in Polka

Happy Mani Monday! I am happy to be filling in for Heather of Glitter & Gloss today as a cohost of Mani Monday with Em of Anna Delores. Funny story...I immediately felt akin to Em because I am Amy Dolores and (I thought) she was Anna Delores-- long lost sisters! Anyhoo...

I walked past this a few times, but made a trip to RiteAid last week out of boredom and just had to pick it up.  What I love is that the drug store brands like Maybelline are really picking up their game.  Revlon pretty much copies Deborah Lippmann exactly, and now Maybelline is copying a lot of the independent brands. I believe this is a close copy of Lynderella's Connect the Dots (or something like that!) Am I close?

There is an orange and a green-jade version, as well as a straight black and white (yes, I did pick it up!) that looks like a bottle of salt and pepper. The next time I use it I may paint one coats of a similar pink - I needed to use 3 coats and it's a little bit of overkill with the polka dots in my opinion.

Link up your weekly manicures below and take some time to visit some new blogs. Happy Monday!


  1. Lynnderella's Connect the Dots is a clear base, so I guess it's more like Color Show's b&w glitter topper :)

  2. I like the combo of the hot pink and the black and white, it's great for Summer! I have Salt and Peppa from Lush Lacquers and it's a black and white glitter with a clear base.

  3. Oh this color is just gorgeous!

  4. I just saw this polish in my new people style watch! I haven't seen it at the stores (but maybe it was there since I wasn't looking for it). I want to get the drops of jade!