Pink Kale Juice

This by far is our favorite juice, the sweetness from the watermelon and pink lady apples, completely negates the taste of kale and beets! I have never been a fan of beets, regardless of eating them growing up probably every other week. My sister, brothers and I were very fortunate to grow up with a SAHM, and ate homemade meals every night. I can say I can remember ordering takeout pizza maybe 2-3 times in our household, and that was when I was a senior in high school and my mom returned to working full time.  Beets were a regular side dish on our menu, and I choked them down, doing as I was told. 

To this day I am still not a fan, but I LOVE juicing with them. As with many vegetables, much of the nutrients are lost when cooking or baking them, so I feel like I am doing my body justice by juicing them raw.  They are absolutely beautiful though, aren't they? Their color is so intense, often used as a natural dye in organic foods.

Nutritionally, beets contain sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and phosperous as well as high levels of fiber and vitamins A, C and niacin! You can read a Yahoo article here about the health benefits of beets, it's quite interesting. 

Pink Kale Juice
Makes: ~40 oz

7   Stalks of Kale
 Pink Lady Apples
 Large beet (peeled)
1⁄2 Small Round Watermelon
 Lime (peeled)
Juice and Enjoy!

I will note that this recipe does make a bit more than 40 ounces- my husband and I usually share a recipe, 40 ounces fills up 2 coke glasses. Depending on the size of your watermelon, this will easily make 60+ ounces.
As with other juices, I will drink 20 ounces for lunch with a sourdough pretzel and string cheese. This keeps me filled until about 4:45pm, right about when I'm wrapping up with work. I will usually run downstairs and grab some cherries or grapes and almonds to sustain me until 6pm when I start dinner.  Considering it's a liquid lunch (in a healthy way,) that's not bad. Most days I eat a "solid" lunch I find myself getting hungry around the same time, if not sooner.
*Tip- depending on the freshness of your beet(s,) use a ziplock sandwich bag as a glove while peeling, cutting, and feeding the juicer. The juice will temporarily dye your hands, countertops, etc. Just use extra caution!
Cheers to better health my friends! 


  1. Ooh, so pretty! I would have never considered juicing with beets.

  2. This looks delicious! I really do need a juicer.

  3. I sent this to my mom, she's a huge juicing fan and loves beets, so I thought she might like :)