Monday, July 22, 2013

Pink Peacock

It took me 3 separate trips to Ulta to pick up these nail wraps by Elegant Touch, which are a white base with a peacock feather in silver, deep violet to turquoise gradient, and bright neon pink. I knew my primary coordinating nail color had to be neon pink to start with.  With 16 nail wraps left, I will have plenty of other options and combinations to play with!

The pink is Voltage Pink by China Glaze, my all time favorite neon pink- it practically glows in the dark it is so bright. All around I'd say this was a perfectly pink manicure with a pop of peacock!

Happy Monday my friends! Feel free to link up your manicures below, and take time to visit some of the other blogs- that's what link ups are for, right? Those of you that do not blog, feel free to email me a picture of your manicure and I will share it in a post next Monday.

If you are new here, please comment and say hello, I love meeting new people and finding new blogs.


  1. This is such a lovely nail color. I am thinking of getting a similar color for my vacation.

  2. dang girl that pink is bright! which means I'm probably going to go get it this week, lol. pretty pretty peacock feather accent :)

  3. This pink color is fantastic!! And I love the accent nail :)

  4. Love the pop of peacock (say that 3 times fast)

  5. I love this pink and so happy to find out that's a nail wrap! I may have to check out my Ulta!

  6. VOLTAGE PINK. I need it. I have been looking for a good neon pink like that!! THANK YOU!


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