Coral Ombre

One of my favorite dates with my husband is dinner and a Target date. A few weeks ago it was just a Target date as we had already eaten dinner with family, and included my 12 year old niece Lily. We went to pick up a movie for my mother in law and well, it was Friday night and that's just what we do. As soon as I saw this top, it was thrown into the cart for "consideration," translation, for purchase. I love the trend of ombre, and mix that with the lace cut out back, I was thrilled. I tried to find it online, but it must have been a popular item, it's nowhere to be found and it was only 3 weeks ago. This is an XL Misses.

The front is just a regular old t-shirt/tank, but in the glorious ombre coral color. It just so happened that I had this necklace on the way from Groopdealz that made the outfit a little more fancy:

So, I picked the wrong time of day to take pictures- pretty much high noon, and felt like 90 degrees. Yuck. Something to be considered next time I plan an outfit post. Other than that, I am proud that I set up the Manual settings on my camera before giving it to my husband- I am happy with the background blurring, but slightly disappointed with how bright the picture is. I'm pale, not this bad though!

About halfway through, the hair was thrown into a ponytail and the joking began. I love my husband and love that he loves me regardless of my shape or weight. I was feeling self conscious and he just brightened me right back up with the love he has for me. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for him.

This last picture is how my husband sees me during these pictures-- when I have him be my model to adjust my camera settings, this is how he imitates me. I guess I do this a lot?
Jeans: TJMaxx (d.jeans,) || Shoes: Shoemint (Charley) || Clutch: Target (Similar)|| Necklace: Groopdealz) || Sunglasses: Kate Spade

Sunrise Grapefruit Juice

I will start off by saying this juice may not be for everyone. I personally LOVED the taste of it, my husband on the other hand was tortured with every sip. I am so proud of him for finishing his portion, but the poor thing was in agony. Grapefruits aren't for everyone, I understand!

Like I said, I love grapefruit. I eat them with breakfast weekly, with about 1/2 tsp raw sugar sprinkled on top. Sometimes up to 1 tsp. Depends on how my morning started and what was waiting for me in my inbox. That being said, I detest grapefruit juice. I should clarify...bottled grapefruit juice. I love the grapefruit real juice that was in this.

Sunrise- Grapefruit Juice
Yields: 40 oz


2   Grapefruit (peeled)
1    Red Bell Pepper
2    Pears
6    Carrots
Peel grapefruit, wash ingredients, and juice!

A Mindblowing Makeup Tip

So, this past weekend I came across this mind-blowing makeup tip, you ready?? See the little symbol of an open container and a #m in it? That's the recommended life of the beauty product. 30 M= 30 Months, 2.5 years. Whoa. I then proceeded to look on most of my beauty products and continued to find the same symbol on lipsticks, blush, eye shadows, etc. You can find references online as to when to toss what, but other than mascara, I really don't know the recommended expiration/toss date on products. Now you don't have to. All you have to do now is remember when you purchased it!

Pass this gem along--it is mind-blowing, right? Or did you guys already know this?

Lush Lemony Flutter

In lieu of a manicure, I want to share with you my essential nail product, Lush Lemony Flutter. You may already know about this product, especially if you're a beauty/nail blogger, but if you're an every-day girl like me, this may be news to you.

Lush is a cosmetic and beauty product company that does not test on animals, uses 100% recycle products in their packaging, and boasts organic ingredients in all products. And you know what? They're the BEST out there- organic or not.

If you don't live near a shopping mecca, you can order their products online here. I happened to be in Washington DC a few weeks back, shopping at Tyson's Mall, and came across a mini-Lush boutique.

Here is a before shot:

Because of the care I put into my cuticles, they may not be as bad as other's, but to me this is bad. I would never show a manicure off on here with my cuticles this way, a hot mess after a weekend of lounging around, dishes, laundry, and general living conditions.


There are people who are not fond of the smell of Lemony Flutter, but I happen to like it. When you first open it and apply it, it smells like lemon frosting, and has the consistency of butter. After rubbing it in and for awhile afterwards, you will have a strong lemon smell, not so frosting-like. Again, seeing results that I do with it, I don't mind the smell.


These are immediate results-- I rubbed it in, pushed back my cuticles slightly with my thumb nail, and snapped the pictures.

My Lemony Flutter travels through the house with me- it started out on my nightstand for nightly application, then made it's way to my table beside my chair in my living room for tv-application, and is now on my desk where I can apply it throughout the day on conference calls or much-needed 5 minute work breaks.

I will admit, the price is a little steep, but in my case, waiting 2+ years to get it, the immediate results, and the organic nature of the product make the $16.95 price point worth every penny.

If you are looking for a more reasonably priced substitute, Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is a more than adequate substitute. I personally use both- due to the smaller size of the Burt's Bees, that rests in my cosmetic bag in my purse.

What is your go-to cuticle treatment product?

Link up your manicures below and visit some new blogs! Beautiful manicures always seem to lessen the blow of Monday!

Blogger Confessions

Around here I write a lot about the positivity that blogging has brought into my life- seriously, just the product reviews, nail swatches, coupon sites, and recipes from blogs have made my life so much better. But there's this darker side...and well, I think it's rather humorous. Remember, to each his/her own, I mean no disrespect to ANYONE, let alone my true bloggy-friends. 

-I hate chevron. There, I said it. In a moment of weakness a year ago I purchased chevron nail decals off etsy, and they just sit there. I think it's been killed officially, lets just let it rest in peace.

-I have cornered the market on nail polish and products.  Those of you who have seen my stash will agree with me, I may have overdone it on the polish. 

-I cook/bake way more than I share.  Do you even know how much self control it takes to make something totally scrumptious, then have to slice it perfectly, style it, dig out cute serving plates, adjust the setting on your camera, take like 20 shots, adjust the camera again, all the while sending death rays to your husband who is relaxing and chowing down on said deliciousness? Sometimes I'm just too hungry to go through all that. 

-I think Mason Jars belong in canning, where they were originally intended. My mom is an amazing cook, and obviously inherited that trait from her mom. They both canned. And as delicious as the jellies, fruits, vegetables, and sauces were that were canned, 'ain't nobody got time for that.' (Sweet Brown) I don't understand the whole mason jar craze- is it just me? Amidst all the gorgeous Starbucks cups, the Tervis Tumblers you can personalize, and other glasses, this is the best choice? Growing up when we visited my grandmom's house we drank milk out of mason jars-yuck! They're not very ergonomic, and warm your milk immediately. 

 -I like pretty dogs. Like German shepherds, like American Eskimo's, like black labs. I think pugs are the ugliest dogs ever. I'm sorry, I just do. 

-I speak in hashtags. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, I guess it keeps me young? But when I speak to my generation and older, I find myself slipping up and throwing in "#winning", "#yum," and "#yolo."
Am I alone? Do you see things that are commonplace with bloggers that annoy you? 


Mani Monday: In the Cab-Ana

Happy Monday my friends! Here's a quick iPhone shot of my last manicure, Essie 'In the Cab-Ana' with Hits 'Hefesto' on the accent finger. I can't brag about Hefesto enough- it makes a sparkly holo out of any polish! This is one coat over 2 coats of Essie. 

Here's to a great week! Link up below and go visit some new blogs!


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Blueberry-Jicama Juice

This has become our favorite juice, regardless of the awful color. And by awful, I'm talking throw-up, oatmeal color. Definitely not the blue of the original recipe.

See what I'm saying? Regardless, it's delicious. And features the jicama- have you heard of it or tasted one? It's a Mexican turnip, with (in my opinion) the taste of sugar snap peas. I have been researching other recipes recently, but have only come across slaw recipes. I'm not saying I'm against them, but some variety would be better.

Blueberry-Jicama Juice
 Source: Nosh and Nourish
Makes 40 oz.


3 cups Blueberries
1 Jicama
3 Small Pears 

Peel the lime.
Dice ingredients as required by your juicer
Juice everything.

Cheers to good health!

Le Office

I spend a lot of time in my office each week, 40-50 hours to be exact. In December I started a job that allows me to work from home, so my office has become more than just a room to store nail polish and design stationery from. It is an ongoing project, but I'd like to share a few shots of where it is for now.

My shelving unit is made up of three Target ($19.99) shelves, which my husband has reinforced together with a few screws. I have taken the majority of my 'chick-lit' books from my living room shelves and added them to my office, allowing me to organize more of my cookbooks, our movies, and other books on them.

Due to our jobs, these are a necessary, not-so-adorable evil:

I say my job requires the printer, but it is more for recipes, etc, my work printing is less than 5 pagers a week. I love printing out recipes for dinners, baked goods, and especially juicing. Now if I could make these meals, etc. rather than just continuing to print them out...

I believe it goes without saying this is my favorite corner of my office! My husband built a second nail polish rack as I have outgrown my original rack he built. I have my favorite polishes on display here: Butter London, Deborah Lippmann, China Glaze, Zoya, and Julep. They are absolutely beautiful and pick up the sun setting every night as I finish up my workday:

I picked up this desk on Craigslist for $80- I didn't even let my husband barter on the price. As soon as I saw it, I needed it. This picture does not do it justice obviously, I will be sure to showcase it more on the final reveal.

Yes, my husband loves to change my wallpaper background on my personal computer when I'm not looking. The current one says Childfree: Yes, We Do Know What We're Missing. Ha!

This corkboard my husband DIY-ed for me hangs above my head, with tokens of life events to remind me what's important to me- my wedding invitation, my graduation invitation, our save-the date, etc. When work gets me down, I look up and smile at what I've accomplished in my life and what the future holds.

Second of course to my nail polish corner, I adore my reading corner. I was holding out for the perfect chair, I had my eyes on some beautiful recliners at TJMaxx, but decided to bring up a chair from my living room.

I have since killed that beautiful orchid- I'm assuming I overwatered it? It's a "just-add-ice" plant which I did- I added a piece of ice every other week-- for months. Then it just up and died.  It's so sad. 

I have yet to hang anything on the walls other than my corkboard, I guess I am still a little hesitant. We don't know if we're staying or moving in the next year, so in a way I don't want anything permanent. That being said, I have some beautiful gold frames, my diploma, our initials, and other decorations ready to be hung!

So that's a look at where I spend the majority of my time! Do you have an office? A designated area that's just yours?

ManiMonday: Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream

This color is so absolutely beautiful, I will be reapplying this week. That may not mean much to the average person, but to a nail polish freak like me, that's really saying something. I applied 2 coats of topcoat as I am not a big fan of the textured look, which in my opinion magnified the sparkle.

I actually love this color so much I have since gone back and bought 3 more from the Mermaid collection, the pink, blue, and purple. I will probably pick up the orange as well and attempt a gradient manicure with them.

Happy Monday my friends! What are you wearing on your nails today? Link up below and stop by and visit some new blogs!