Blogger Confessions

Around here I write a lot about the positivity that blogging has brought into my life- seriously, just the product reviews, nail swatches, coupon sites, and recipes from blogs have made my life so much better. But there's this darker side...and well, I think it's rather humorous. Remember, to each his/her own, I mean no disrespect to ANYONE, let alone my true bloggy-friends. 

-I hate chevron. There, I said it. In a moment of weakness a year ago I purchased chevron nail decals off etsy, and they just sit there. I think it's been killed officially, lets just let it rest in peace.

-I have cornered the market on nail polish and products.  Those of you who have seen my stash will agree with me, I may have overdone it on the polish. 

-I cook/bake way more than I share.  Do you even know how much self control it takes to make something totally scrumptious, then have to slice it perfectly, style it, dig out cute serving plates, adjust the setting on your camera, take like 20 shots, adjust the camera again, all the while sending death rays to your husband who is relaxing and chowing down on said deliciousness? Sometimes I'm just too hungry to go through all that. 

-I think Mason Jars belong in canning, where they were originally intended. My mom is an amazing cook, and obviously inherited that trait from her mom. They both canned. And as delicious as the jellies, fruits, vegetables, and sauces were that were canned, 'ain't nobody got time for that.' (Sweet Brown) I don't understand the whole mason jar craze- is it just me? Amidst all the gorgeous Starbucks cups, the Tervis Tumblers you can personalize, and other glasses, this is the best choice? Growing up when we visited my grandmom's house we drank milk out of mason jars-yuck! They're not very ergonomic, and warm your milk immediately. 

 -I like pretty dogs. Like German shepherds, like American Eskimo's, like black labs. I think pugs are the ugliest dogs ever. I'm sorry, I just do. 

-I speak in hashtags. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, I guess it keeps me young? But when I speak to my generation and older, I find myself slipping up and throwing in "#winning", "#yum," and "#yolo."
Am I alone? Do you see things that are commonplace with bloggers that annoy you? 



  1. Loved your blogger confessions! Honestly I kinda feel the same way about mason jars and dogs! (mine's a mini aussie and I think she's just gorgeous)
    I have to say I do like chevron haha

  2. I'm so over the chevron thing. Le sigh!

  3. I agree with you on the mason jar and pretty dog thing. And yeah, chevrons are getting old, but I did just buy a chevron maxi dress. For the color and the cheapo price, not the pattern.

  4. I LOATHE Mason jars for anything other than canning. I have to admit I'm glad they're popular because it means I can actually find them for my canning which I struggled to do a couple years ago, and I have been known to drink from them when I juice too much for a regular glass but I agree that there are so many cute choices out there, why pick a mason jar if you have any other choice?

    I also really only ever think small dogs are cute. Big dogs are great, don't get me wrong, I still love them but I never think of them as cute. People will say it and I'm just there thinking "um...that's not how I would use the word cute."

    My blogger "trend" I dislike is anything to do with birds and mustaches. I think those are over now. I hope. And this is not a blogger trend, per se, but I loathe the high-low hemline both on skirts and shirts.

  5. Haha I love your hashtags one. And I bake way more than I share, which is awful since my blog is supposed to be beauty, style AND sweets!

  6. I agree about cooking and baking! After cooking, you don't wanna make it all pretty for a pic!

  7. Love this list! I agree with so many. OBVIOUSLY not the pug one :) But as a past American Eskimo owner I get it :) And I totally agree on mason jars (we can!) and chevron. Chevron is the damask of 3 years ago- overdone. I don't necessarily mind either of them as patterns (and actually like them in some places) but I do think the trend has died and I'm sick of seeing them EVERYWHERE!

  8. i'm over mustaches! i was never into them to begin with.

  9. I was totally going to post on the same topic! And, like Elle, I am just not a fan of mustaches. I mean, it's kind of cute and all, but a little weird. I do love chevron, and I like mason jars, but maybe not on EVERYTHING : ) Not a fan of a million pictures of the same outfit at different angles - I love outfit posts, but there's only so much of it you want to see - and I can't stand all those "How You Should Blog" posts (or worse, "Why I Won't Read Your Blog"). I feel like everyone is figuring this out in a different way, and there is no one way to be successful with it. Anyway, that's just me! : )