Le Office

I spend a lot of time in my office each week, 40-50 hours to be exact. In December I started a job that allows me to work from home, so my office has become more than just a room to store nail polish and design stationery from. It is an ongoing project, but I'd like to share a few shots of where it is for now.

My shelving unit is made up of three Target ($19.99) shelves, which my husband has reinforced together with a few screws. I have taken the majority of my 'chick-lit' books from my living room shelves and added them to my office, allowing me to organize more of my cookbooks, our movies, and other books on them.

Due to our jobs, these are a necessary, not-so-adorable evil:

I say my job requires the printer, but it is more for recipes, etc, my work printing is less than 5 pagers a week. I love printing out recipes for dinners, baked goods, and especially juicing. Now if I could make these meals, etc. rather than just continuing to print them out...

I believe it goes without saying this is my favorite corner of my office! My husband built a second nail polish rack as I have outgrown my original rack he built. I have my favorite polishes on display here: Butter London, Deborah Lippmann, China Glaze, Zoya, and Julep. They are absolutely beautiful and pick up the sun setting every night as I finish up my workday:

I picked up this desk on Craigslist for $80- I didn't even let my husband barter on the price. As soon as I saw it, I needed it. This picture does not do it justice obviously, I will be sure to showcase it more on the final reveal.

Yes, my husband loves to change my wallpaper background on my personal computer when I'm not looking. The current one says Childfree: Yes, We Do Know What We're Missing. Ha!

This corkboard my husband DIY-ed for me hangs above my head, with tokens of life events to remind me what's important to me- my wedding invitation, my graduation invitation, our save-the date, etc. When work gets me down, I look up and smile at what I've accomplished in my life and what the future holds.

Second of course to my nail polish corner, I adore my reading corner. I was holding out for the perfect chair, I had my eyes on some beautiful recliners at TJMaxx, but decided to bring up a chair from my living room.

I have since killed that beautiful orchid- I'm assuming I overwatered it? It's a "just-add-ice" plant which I did- I added a piece of ice every other week-- for months. Then it just up and died.  It's so sad. 

I have yet to hang anything on the walls other than my corkboard, I guess I am still a little hesitant. We don't know if we're staying or moving in the next year, so in a way I don't want anything permanent. That being said, I have some beautiful gold frames, my diploma, our initials, and other decorations ready to be hung!

So that's a look at where I spend the majority of my time! Do you have an office? A designated area that's just yours?


  1. What beautiful collections of books and polishes!

  2. Such a lovely office space. My husband and I moved not long ago and we don't have an office room so I'm still struggling a little bit with making the space work. This is beautiful!

  3. Love your office! That's a steal for the desk too -great job :D

  4. I'm not kidding about wanting you to come decorate my house. Once I get a new one ;) Or maybe I'll just come live in yours. It looks so peaceful and perfect.