Lush Lemony Flutter

In lieu of a manicure, I want to share with you my essential nail product, Lush Lemony Flutter. You may already know about this product, especially if you're a beauty/nail blogger, but if you're an every-day girl like me, this may be news to you.

Lush is a cosmetic and beauty product company that does not test on animals, uses 100% recycle products in their packaging, and boasts organic ingredients in all products. And you know what? They're the BEST out there- organic or not.

If you don't live near a shopping mecca, you can order their products online here. I happened to be in Washington DC a few weeks back, shopping at Tyson's Mall, and came across a mini-Lush boutique.

Here is a before shot:

Because of the care I put into my cuticles, they may not be as bad as other's, but to me this is bad. I would never show a manicure off on here with my cuticles this way, a hot mess after a weekend of lounging around, dishes, laundry, and general living conditions.


There are people who are not fond of the smell of Lemony Flutter, but I happen to like it. When you first open it and apply it, it smells like lemon frosting, and has the consistency of butter. After rubbing it in and for awhile afterwards, you will have a strong lemon smell, not so frosting-like. Again, seeing results that I do with it, I don't mind the smell.


These are immediate results-- I rubbed it in, pushed back my cuticles slightly with my thumb nail, and snapped the pictures.

My Lemony Flutter travels through the house with me- it started out on my nightstand for nightly application, then made it's way to my table beside my chair in my living room for tv-application, and is now on my desk where I can apply it throughout the day on conference calls or much-needed 5 minute work breaks.

I will admit, the price is a little steep, but in my case, waiting 2+ years to get it, the immediate results, and the organic nature of the product make the $16.95 price point worth every penny.

If you are looking for a more reasonably priced substitute, Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is a more than adequate substitute. I personally use both- due to the smaller size of the Burt's Bees, that rests in my cosmetic bag in my purse.

What is your go-to cuticle treatment product?

Link up your manicures below and visit some new blogs! Beautiful manicures always seem to lessen the blow of Monday!


  1. i make my own because i don't go to lush too often. i'll have to share it on the blog. i love lemony flutter!

  2. I don't know that I even know where a Lush is! I'll have to order some online next chance I get but get the Burt's Bees in the meantime :)

  3. I went to Lush to get this, but then changed my mind & stuck with the Burt's Bees. I did get a lip balm & hand lotion though and am not happy with either. I should have just gotten what I went for.

  4. I need to see if my Lush will give a sample of this to try (I love trying their products as samples!) I love the smell of lemon and your nails look AMAZING. Thanks for the tip- shocked I haven't tried it yet!

  5. I have the worst cuticles. There's a Lush in the mall near my house, so I'm going to have to try this out. Thanks for the review!

  6. Just found your blog through Jessica! I just bought a cuticle nipper and apparently don't know how to use it because my poor nails are just destroyed. I'm going to need to try this stuff like yesterday!