Deborah Lippmann: Space Oddity

I picked up this set at Nordstrom back in August when the family spent the day in DC at Tyson's-- pretty much one of my top 5 days a year. I went in to complete my DL (Deborah Lippmann) Mermaid collection, but when I saw this on display I literally whined, stomped my foot, and screamed "I NEED!" in my head. Of course the sales associate saw this slight tantrum, and immediately informed me that due to the Anniversary Sale, DL's were buy 2, get one free, and that she would consider the set the same as a bottle.  Word.

The set includes Planet Rock, a taupe/cement greige, and two glitter topcoats, the pink-hued Baby, I'm a Star, and the silver-hued When Lightening Strikes.

Seriously gorgeous. Even the greige is beautiful on it's own! I will definitely get use of these 3 colors, probably switching out my Zoya Jana to conserve Planet Rock.

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So I whipped this up really quick tonight after work in anticipation of the Eagles game tonight- I'm kinda excited! Nothing fancy, but it does the job. 

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Social Media DIY

I shared this photo on my office reveal/update a few weeks ago and wanted to share with you how easy they were to make. I say easy, because my husband did all the work for me, but honestly, they're quite simple.

I picked up these two {social media} symbols at TJMaxx a few months ago, and decided they needed to be gold.  Because I think anything gold is just fabulous. I will say even though I picked mine up awhile ago, they are still available- I saw both symbols or variations of them at TJMaxx this past weekend.

Besides my blog, a large part of my daily, 9-5 involves social media, so these symbols are more than decorations-- let's just say they're my John Deere decals.

Because of the dark red color of the hash tag, my husband said we needed a coat (turned into 2 coats) of primer, so we sprayed the silver @ sign as well to be safe. Here's the primer we used:

The primer was purchased at Lowes, and the paint was from Michaels- the brand was Design Master from Michaels. The only down side of course was the fact that this was a 3 day project due to the rainy weather and the dry time between coats, but I'm very happy with the results! I may or may not be on the lookout for an ampersand, etc. so I can accurately portray my mood at times in gold, fabulous symbols.

The paint did not dry smooth in parts as you can see, specifically on the @ sign, but I kind of like the textured, worn look. Now I want to spray paint everything in site!

What have you successfully spray painted to give new life?

The New Black: Gypsy Rose Ombre

This is definitely a neutral manicure, nothing really special about it, but I haven't taken it off 4 days later. It helps of course that my nails are so short right now, nubs are good for extended wear!

I picked this up at Ulta- they now sell all The New Black kits, including these ombre kits. I LOVE my purple ombre kit, you can see that post here.  There are a bunch of tutorials online for creating your own ombre manicures with one color and a bottle of white polish, but you have to move fast, polishes dry so fast now. I actually love 4 of the 5 of these polishes, and will wear them on their own. I'm not a big fan of the thumb color, but I do love it in conjunction with the rest of the manicure.

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