Deborah Lippmann: Space Oddity

I picked up this set at Nordstrom back in August when the family spent the day in DC at Tyson's-- pretty much one of my top 5 days a year. I went in to complete my DL (Deborah Lippmann) Mermaid collection, but when I saw this on display I literally whined, stomped my foot, and screamed "I NEED!" in my head. Of course the sales associate saw this slight tantrum, and immediately informed me that due to the Anniversary Sale, DL's were buy 2, get one free, and that she would consider the set the same as a bottle.  Word.

The set includes Planet Rock, a taupe/cement greige, and two glitter topcoats, the pink-hued Baby, I'm a Star, and the silver-hued When Lightening Strikes.

Seriously gorgeous. Even the greige is beautiful on it's own! I will definitely get use of these 3 colors, probably switching out my Zoya Jana to conserve Planet Rock.

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