The New Black: Gypsy Rose Ombre

This is definitely a neutral manicure, nothing really special about it, but I haven't taken it off 4 days later. It helps of course that my nails are so short right now, nubs are good for extended wear!

I picked this up at Ulta- they now sell all The New Black kits, including these ombre kits. I LOVE my purple ombre kit, you can see that post here.  There are a bunch of tutorials online for creating your own ombre manicures with one color and a bottle of white polish, but you have to move fast, polishes dry so fast now. I actually love 4 of the 5 of these polishes, and will wear them on their own. I'm not a big fan of the thumb color, but I do love it in conjunction with the rest of the manicure.

Link up your manicures below and visit some new friends!


  1. Oh I'm gonna have to check it out, I didn't know they sold ombre kits. Makes it much easier to have an ombre mani :)

  2. I love it!!! I'm letting my nails breath this week. I broke two so I never painted them :/

  3. THis is so cute and makes it so much easier to do!