Golden Goddess Juice

I know I said this was my favorite juice, but I really meant this one is, the Golden Goddess juice.  I'm not brave enough to start creating my own concoctions in the juicer yet, so I rely on a lot of recipes from Joe Cross's page, Pinterest, and my favorite source, Nosh and Nourish.

Yes my friends, that's a Golden Beet, isn't is beautiful? Before finding this recipe I didn't know they existed. The original recipes calls for Apricots, but I've used Nectarines and regular old Peaches in place and the outcome is just as delicious. 
Golden Goddess Juice
Makes: ~32 Oz
Source: Nosh & Nourish
2 Golden Beets (large)
3 Golden Delicious Apples
8 Apricots (pits removed)
5 Carrots
1.) Wash all ingredients; cut stems off beets and peel.
2.) Remove pits from apricots
3.) Juice all ingredients.

Butter London Shag

I have shared this polish on Instagram, last year actually, but never posted about it. I spent last week with nekkid nails in part to let them breathe, but also because I went away on a little mini-vacay with my husband for our 5 year anniversary. I know it'll sound weird to some of you yet completely normal to others, but I couldn't wait to get home and use this polish. I was literally dreaming of painting this color. I think it's the perfect fall color!

Maybe it's coming off a 4 day break, but I am dreading Monday- can Sunday just last a few extra hours?

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For the Twill of It

I finally gave in and applied my first fall manicure. Maybe it's the fact that last week it was still 85-90 degrees, or maybe I've been just lazy, but I just haven't felt fall, dark colors.

Essie's 'For the Twill of It' is from their fall collection and reminds me of a black pearl. It's difficult to accurately photograph, but I'm sure you've seen it in person at Target, CVS, etc. I highly recommend it- it's the only color I picked up from this collection, the rest were (although gorgeous) too close to colors I already have.

The accent nail is Digital Glitter by Orly, a multi-colored glitter that compliments For the Twill of It perfectly. I did do one coat of FtToI on my ring fingers followed by 2 coats of Digital.
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Splurge or Settle: Gucci Stirrup Top Leather

So we all see the blog posts, magazine articles, and frankly street copies of designer bags, clothes, etc. and let's be honest- we're SETTLING. Maybe I'm speaking for myself? Take this gorgeous Gucci bag. It's everything you want in a bag- smooth leather, gold buckle accents, classy, and elegant. I am seriously swooning over here. But then comes the ticket... $2640. Seriously, that's my mortgage for 2 months. And I can't bring myself to ever pay that for a bag. Yet. Right now. Maybe someday...

So I settle.

But seriously, isn't this spot on? I was out to breakfast a few weeks ago with mi amor and spotted a Gucci-inspired display of bags, scarves, and jewelry, all inspired by the equestrian style that is famously Gucci. And for $24.99. 1% of the cost of a real Gucci. Where, you ask? Cracker Barrel restaurant. I know, crazy right?

Pretty darn close, isn't it? I love my little Gucci knock-off and I know you will too! Run as fast as you can to Cracker Barrel and pick one up! While you're there, check out the leather(ette) and stirrup bracelets and other accessories!