Golden Goddess Juice

I know I said this was my favorite juice, but I really meant this one is, the Golden Goddess juice.  I'm not brave enough to start creating my own concoctions in the juicer yet, so I rely on a lot of recipes from Joe Cross's page, Pinterest, and my favorite source, Nosh and Nourish.

Yes my friends, that's a Golden Beet, isn't is beautiful? Before finding this recipe I didn't know they existed. The original recipes calls for Apricots, but I've used Nectarines and regular old Peaches in place and the outcome is just as delicious. 
Golden Goddess Juice
Makes: ~32 Oz
Source: Nosh & Nourish
2 Golden Beets (large)
3 Golden Delicious Apples
8 Apricots (pits removed)
5 Carrots
1.) Wash all ingredients; cut stems off beets and peel.
2.) Remove pits from apricots
3.) Juice all ingredients.

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