How to De-Seed a Pomegranate

So do I need to even start this post complaining about how difficult it is to de-seed a pomegranate? I think we are all aware of the frustrations, the techniques that don't work, and paying $$$ for it already de-seeded.

Well my friends, the frustration is over. Thanks to my fabulous friend Becki for sharing this on facebook- you rock chickadee. Take a look at this technique using a wooden spoon. That's it, a wooden spoon.

I followed his instructions, only swapping out the wooden spoon for a plastic spoon- maybe it's because I lack any upper body strength, but that worked better for me.

Easy peasy.

So yeah... it makes quite the mess. And when I say mess, be sure to move your beloved electronics, jewelry, mail, and Starbucks out of the way first, or you will have a blood-like splatter pattern on them. Be sure to wear an apron-- make sure it's cute and has ruffles like this one:

But in the end, you get a bowl of deliciously tart pomegranate seeds! Bon Appetite!

Matte Marble

I was going through some of my first manicures when I started blogging, and came across this one, and decided to recreate it and take better pictures. There's not really much to say about this, it's pretty freaking fabulous and I loved loved loved looking at it!

I used my Essie 'Matte About You,' but it has since been replaced with NYC Matte top coat-- my Essie is over 2 years old, thick, and dries a little weird- cloudy is some spots, and not even. I use the NYC top coat as well- no shrinkage, and $1 a bottle- score. Oh, and it dries super quick!

Polish Used- Finger Paints 'Vintage Velvet' and Color Club "Snow Flakes"- both of which I picked up at Sally Beauty Supply on clearance.  Sally's in-house brand is Finger Paints, and they only carry Color Club at Christmas, hence the Snow Flakes.

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Splurge or Settle: Kate Spade Studs

I had my eye on these earrings at Target for awhile, finally picking them up at $6.48 each. Of course I'd prefer the Kate Spade studs below, but I was able to pick up 3 pairs for less than the $38 ticket price of one KS. This is a horrible picture (source: KS,) but you get the point:

I've been all about spending smarter recently, and I really couldn't justify $38 for a pair of earrings, and let's face it, I couldn't chose between all three colors, so I'm looking at $114. But nope- instead it was a $19.44 investment. Score.

And what better occasion to wear these earrings than to meet my nephews for the first time?

What awesome scores have you bagged recently?

Thanksgiving on the Water

Over the last few years, Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday, surpassing Christmas by leaps and bounds. Once a traumatic meal with yelling and fighting (saving grace my mom's amazing food,) Thanksgiving is now a low-key, relaxing, family day with my husband's family. Growing up my mom made literally everything from scratch, including the cranberry sauce at times, requiring her to be in the kitchen for hours. Of course I miss her cooking, but is that the best way to go about the holidays? Is it ok to buy pre-made food and spend more time with your loved ones?

I wouldn't change a thing about my Thanksgiving with my in-laws: food, football, movies, airsoft, shopping, laughing, and overall a copious amount of love.

Oh wait...what is this gloriousness? Thanksgiving at the beach? I cannot imagine a better combination-- my favorite holiday at the beach. This is my utopia-- I shouldn't attempt to experience this as I do not believe life could ever get better.

One day in the near future, I will live at the beach. If our careers continue on the path they are now, we will have the luxury of picking literally anywhere to live. And duh, that's the beach. I've had my share of the mountains now, time for the sand, the wind, the beach, the waves, just an all around feeling of peace.

When that time comes, my friends, I will invite you all to my sanctuary to experience Thanksgiving at the beach.

Photos: Coastal Living, October/November 2013

China Glaze Urban Nights

I am so happy to share my first manicure in over 3 weeks, and perfect for the plum craze this season. I picked up China Glaze Urban Nights for $2 on clearance this time last year at Sally's.

 The outdoor pictures make the manicure look streaky, but it doesn't look like that indoors or in the shade. The accent nail is Zoya Aurora which I used here for another accent nail!

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