How to De-Seed a Pomegranate

So do I need to even start this post complaining about how difficult it is to de-seed a pomegranate? I think we are all aware of the frustrations, the techniques that don't work, and paying $$$ for it already de-seeded.

Well my friends, the frustration is over. Thanks to my fabulous friend Becki for sharing this on facebook- you rock chickadee. Take a look at this technique using a wooden spoon. That's it, a wooden spoon.

I followed his instructions, only swapping out the wooden spoon for a plastic spoon- maybe it's because I lack any upper body strength, but that worked better for me.

Easy peasy.

So yeah... it makes quite the mess. And when I say mess, be sure to move your beloved electronics, jewelry, mail, and Starbucks out of the way first, or you will have a blood-like splatter pattern on them. Be sure to wear an apron-- make sure it's cute and has ruffles like this one:

But in the end, you get a bowl of deliciously tart pomegranate seeds! Bon Appetite!

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