Splurge or Settle: Kate Spade Studs

I had my eye on these earrings at Target for awhile, finally picking them up at $6.48 each. Of course I'd prefer the Kate Spade studs below, but I was able to pick up 3 pairs for less than the $38 ticket price of one KS. This is a horrible picture (source: KS,) but you get the point:

I've been all about spending smarter recently, and I really couldn't justify $38 for a pair of earrings, and let's face it, I couldn't chose between all three colors, so I'm looking at $114. But nope- instead it was a $19.44 investment. Score.

And what better occasion to wear these earrings than to meet my nephews for the first time?

What awesome scores have you bagged recently?

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  1. Those earrings are super cute, both the Target ones and the real things. I want them now! I haven't found any good steals lately... I wish!