Product Love: Heat Styling Spray Starch

I want to share with you a product that is a staple in my hairstyling routine, Redken Heat Styling Spray Starch 15, Versatile Ironing Spray. While I was thinking about this post I had to remember how I came about this product, and I would have to say by accident.

I am originally from NJ and moved to VA in 2009, but have yet to give up my hairstylist in NJ. I can't do it. No offense to anyone in this area, but I just can't trust anyone to do my hair the way it's done at home. That being said, I decided about a year and a half ago to try a stylist here in the area, and well I won't do that again. I wanted a bang trim and my layers cleaned up- not hard right? Well, upon describing this to the stylist, the owner of the salon, she replied "oh, I've heard of that haircut- it's from New York right?" OMG. Why I didn't go running and screaming from my chair at that moment I'll never know.

All that to say I ended up with the top layers of my long hair up above my chin, giving me this horrid mullet. The positive outcome was they curled my hair and used a pink Redken spray product on it which kept the curl and wave to my hair for days afterwards. I went back maybe 6 months later and asked about it but they had no idea what I was talking about. That or they read my review online about the bad service and even worse Shellac manicures.

Either way, I ended up picking this up to try on the girl's recommendation and am glad I did.

This picture is day 4. Day FOUR after curling my hair with my flat iron. This you see is a huge celebration for someone like me with thick hair. My curls go from ringlets to a slight wave within hours usually, so this is like epic. Here is where they started on Wednesday, Christmas:

Here's the finished product on Christmas, brushed out:

I have brushed my hair daily, and I still have these curls on Saturday morning:

I recommend spraying small sections of your hair immediately before curling with an iron or flatiron. I have sprayed all my hair at the beginning of styling as well as sections alone and find it works best when it has been sprayed and is still slightly wet.  I don't know if you can tell from my cell phone picture of me with the tight curls, but they will have the old hairspray-wet look-crust after they have cooled. I recommend leaving them in their 'crust-like' shape, spraying lightly with hairspray when cool, and brushing out all at once.

Overall I LOVE this product. I have also used Herbal Essence heat protection spray when I flatiron my hair straight, but for the curls I need something strong to hold them in.

I use this tutorial for curling my hair with a flatiron, and this flatiron that I picked up at TJMaxx.

Do you have a favorite flatiron protective or styling product you recommend?