Comfort & Bling

Any excuse to play dress up is fine by me- I feel so glamorous when I'm not wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt. A lot of fashion blogging is playing dress up, and I will honestly admit I am at fault. On days I'm "done up," I have the immediate urge to photograph and document the outfit, like it's this momentous event in my life.

Looking back I regret not taking a picture without my coat, to show you the details of this sweatshirt a little better. The minute I saw an ad for the decorative sweatshirts from Old Navy in a magazine, I went in and purchased three.  You see, like I said earlier I live in sweatshirts, so the opportunity to wear one a little more "dressed up" was just too good to pass up. I didn't wait for a coupon or online code either, I just went for it.

I wear an XL at Old Navy, and when something this amazing comes out, I need to grab it when I see it or I will miss out! I am sure those that wear sizes Small and Medium know my it just me that clearance racks usually have sizes XS and L left?!?!

I wore this outfit Christmas Day, the perfect outfit to spend quality time eating and making fellowship with my family. I have been layering more recently in an attempt to conquer my fear or it. It is a common fear- the fear that the more I layer on, the heavier I look. I am learning this isn't always the case, and with the polar vortex recently, is coming in handy!

Jeans : TJMaxx|| Shoes: TJMaxx, Mia || Bag: ebay, Michael Kors Selma {similar} || Sweatshirt: Old Navy {similar} || Coat: Macy's, Guess

Glamorous can be comfortable!


  1. A great look! Love the details on the sweatshirt and the pop of color from the bag!

  2. I am loving that bag so much and those sunglasses are great. And I feel the same way about layers but maybe I'll try them out because I think you're right, it's all in how you do it.

  3. You look great. I wear a medium at old navy and missed out on the fox wearing glasses sweater. I have the dog sweater in my cart now. Just waiting on my gift card to come in the mail from my dad.

  4. I also wear XL and feel your pain, I can never find anything my size on sale! You look fab!

  5. I love your hot pink handbag. You look great!