Dine With Me

Although I may not have a formal dining room in our home, it doesn't mean I can't ooh and ahh over beautiful ones like these and wish for just one more room in our home. We have an eat-in kitchen, which really is the most practical option, but there's just something so glamorous about a formal dining room.

One of my favorite ways to unwind from work and relax is to leaf through my home magazines: Elle Home D├ęcor, House Beautiful, Coastal Living, etc. and day dream like they were pictures out of my own home. I dream that I'm a multi-millionaire and have multiple houses, each decorated completely differently, and always in wild colors and prints. These wild colors and prints would never work in my home, but look so fabulous and amazing in magazines, am I right?

I mean seriously, with this one...so bright and overlooking my pool. I'd never leave the breakfast table!


Of course I would settle for these eat-in kitchens as well. I can't pull out the china and eat in my fancy, schmancy dining room for every meal. I haven't been cooking or baking recently in real life, but you should see the dinners and pastries I bake up in my imaginary kitchens!

Do you have a formal dining room?

Photo Source: House Beautiful

Toni & Guy: Texturising Spray

I received a bottle of Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt and Texturising spray in my BirchBox in January, and couldn't wait to try it out on my hair. The beachy waves, sea salt obsession has been in your face everywhere, with pretty much every line of hair care providing their version of a "sea salt" spray. Before trying Toni & Guy, I had only tried Julep's Sea Salt spray, so I don't have much to compare this to.

Here's a before shot, which is my hair air dried after a shower, no product:

And here is the after:

Ummm, what is this? It's definitely not beach waves, more like smexy bed head? I will say it definitely adds volume, and there is slight waves, but no where near where I thought I would be. I didn't realize until I was typing up this post, that maybe I associated "sea salt spray" with beach waves, so I had something totally different pictured in my head.

That being said, it definitely added some volume and texture. Although the texture didn't last, I was left with added volume through the day.

Although I can't promise I will put this into my regular routine, it is perfect for a quick out-the-door styling product after air-drying in warmer temperatures.

This was also in the GlossyBox for January, have you tried this? Have you tried any texturizing sprays?