Friday Favorites

Gawd. I am so darn sick of winter, aren't you? Of all of my current favorite things, picking up a bunch (or two) or tulips at the beginning of each week has become my #1 favorite thing to do. I picked these up for $4.88 each at Walmart, aren't they just works of art?

That picture is from our Honeymoon in Disney- if you can't tell, hubs is holding a plastic ball and chain, and everytime I look at that picture I get a chuckle. I needed to clear my head from work, so I took a 5 minute breather and cleaned it off. Pretty isn't it?

So far these are all photos from the same day- cut corners much? For Valentine's Day my husband bought me a Gold iPhone 5s, so my collection of cases started off with this one:

Although I continue to pick up nail polish here and there, my newest obsession is lip products. Mainly bold lipsticks. Even if my husband hates them. I love them and recently had to upgrade my storage container, warranting a photo shoot:

I don't know if this was a good idea- unless I use it as a sign, there's only one spot free at this point. #stopbuyinglipstuff.

I can't wait to try out the Julep Luxe Lip and Lip Scrub from the March box- have you tried it yet?


  1. Funny I have also have been getting in to lipsticks more. Your flower are beautiful

  2. Beautiful! The lipsticks can serve as spring color just like the flowers! =)

  3. Oh I love that lipstick display! Where did you get the little display case? That's perfect