Laundry Room Upgrade

So in the effort to keep things real with you, I must use full disclosure when I tell you when we bought the washer and dryer in May of 2013, we also bought this piece of countertop. And it's been in the hallway by our front door ever since. Fast forward to this past weekend.

In my husband's defense, I was too anxious to get my new, sparkly, beautiful washer and dryer plugged in and working rather than wait til he had a free weekend from work to install the counter top.

But hey, we all have 90% finished house projects, right?

This was a stock piece of countertop we picked up at Lowes for ~$125. I'll be honest, I don't know how it fit so perfectly without being cut, that's not usually how luck goes around here, but alas, it fit like a glove. My husband was worried he would have to cut into drywall to install it, hence putting off the project afraid it would morph into a huge ordeal.

Low and behold, 2 hours later I have a beautiful countertop to fold my laundry on. With a lip/ledge at the back so I will no longer lose socks.

I neglected to take a (completely) before picture, but as he was installing the woodwork back on, I snapped this one quickly on my phone:

Little by little we have been upgrading small projects on the house, solely with the purpose of making it better for ourselves. We pretty much know there's a cap to what we could get for the house were we to sell it, and no matter of improvements can raise that. So, we like to make minor adjustments here and there to make our lives more convenient. And by we, I mean my husband. I stand by with a glass of water and the iphone taking progress pics and patting him on the back.

So what projects do you have around your home that are 90% completed?


  1. My roommate and I bought a new mirror to hang over our couch about 2 months ago. It's still leaning against the wall sort of hidden behind the couch. In our defense it's super heavy so we can't just hang it like you could a regular picture, there have to be screws and stud finders involved...but yeah. I'm sure when I own a home I'll have a running list of "in progress" projects that renting just doesn't allow, hah.

  2. It's gorgeous! That was such a smart idea to buy that countertop! And haha I do not blame your husband at all for waiting so long - I probably would have done the same thing!

  3. I am dying to update and upgrade our laundry room, which is also a half bath as well. Alas, the next project is updating the kitchen/dining/living room so the laundry room will have to wait. Like your new machines.