Take Me To The Sea

As you may have already seen, Old Navy is going all out with the nautical theme this year, I had to be quite disciplined to only pick one piece! Some of the pieces are a little much...ropes, sailboats, etc. looked a little over the top for me. And that's definitely saying something considering my love of the water, sailing with my husband, and my love for the beach.

I first saw this sweater a few weeks ago, but refused to buy it after a little disagreement with the sales associate and later manager. You see, there were huge signs all over the store advertising 40% off new spring sweaters and blouses, but the register didn't ring this up as 40% off.  So, I showed them the signs (which by the way were in front of jeans, nowhere on the sign did it say jeans...) but they still wouldn't give it to me for the discounted price.

Fast forward to a bad week of work and some retail therapy and a 25% coupon, the B is mine. I LOVE this sweater and received so many compliments when I wore it this weekend! These pants are also from Old Navy, I picked them up last spring and are the most comfortable things EVER. They are definitely nautical in nature due to the navy, wide leg style, and have a fold over waist which make them glorified pajama pants.

As with most clothing from Old Navy, this sweater runs a little large. I usually wear an XXL, but comfortably layered an XL over a button-down chambray blouse from Target. The sweater is lightweight, and a perfect piece to transition into spring.

What I love about these pictures is the presence of snow in the background. This past weekend it got into the 60's here in VA, so needless to say the snow didn't last long after these pictures Saturday morning! The nautical theme of this outfit made me LONG for summer days at the beach, which is comical considering I was surrounded by snow at the time.

I honestly was a little self conscious about the wide leg pants being a little too much, so after this I changed into black skinny jeans and nude flats to make a quick road trip with my husband.

The gold shoes of course added to the nautical them, they are gold boat shoes...I don't know if it gets anymore nautical than that! I picked them up on Clearance at TJMaxx last summer- they're the perfect substitute for $80+ Sperry Top Siders:

I am still working up the nerve to take my own photographs, it's not as easy as some people make it look. I try to keep it real here, and I'll be completely honest when I tell you taking photographer-grade photos as a beginner completely on your own is HARD. Some bloggers are blessed with photographers as husbands, or best friends who are able to take pictures that look like they are straight off the pages of magazines, but not me.

I did pick up a new lens and I am LOVING it- this was the first attempt at OOTD pics with it and am very happy with it. I will share a post in the near future more about it.

Sweater & Pants (Similar): Old Navy | Chambray Blouse, Earrings, and Bracelet: Target | Bag: Michael Kors {Gift} | Shoes: Anne Klein via TJMaxx | Sunglasses: {Gift}
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  1. love this outfit. I was mad at old navy a few weeks ago. I have to order my clothes online since we don't have one in Germany. Well the chambray shirt i want got cancel. So I called old navy and the lady said they would have no problem ordering me a new one. I just had to wait until a new gift card was sent out. Since that's what I paid with. So that night the gift card got shipped out. So the next day I called old navy back and the lady on the phone said they couldn't do that. In the end I got my shirt.

  2. I'm in LOVE with that sweater!!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  3. I am still in love with that bag. I haven't been to old navy in ages but now I'm wondering if I should stop by and see what they have!

  4. Yes I would much rather be at the beach! Thankfully come May that is exactly where I will be for one whole week :)

  5. I am loving that sweater and those pants! I think they look great, you didn't need to change! :) I'm also over the snow!!! I can't believe they're calling for more of it here tonight/tomorrow! Wahhh!! :(