Autumn Ruffian Manicure

I've been painting my nails once a week recently, sticking to the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel colors due to sheer laziness, but decided I needed a change up. I've become kinda lazy with my nail art recently, throwing an accent nail out there in place of taking the time to do something a little different.

I've done a few ruffian manicures before, experimenting with different colors and textures. I prefer the first coat to be a metallic, with a darker color on top. The nails still look polished, but where it appears your manicure is growing out sparkles with gold or silver.  Here is another ruffian manicure I did in spring colors, experimenting with the finishes, matte and shiny. 

The gold is Sally Hansen Golden-I, a favorite of mine that comes with a reasonable price! I've gotten a lot of use out of it. It doesn't stamp well ( I prefer Essie's Good As Gold,) but has excellent coverage with one coat. The 2nd color is Shag by Butter London, and can be see on it's own here.

I freehanded this manicure, and trust me my dominant (right) hand does not look nearly as good. The trick is to follow the curve of your natural cuticle- this helps when painting on the top color. I wish there was an easier way to accomplish this manicure other than freehand, but I can't think of a way. I guess you could do the top color first and use binder stickers as guides to do the bottom color? Maybe?

I had to google ruffian manicure to make sure I was using the right terminology, and highly recommend doing it! Yes, some of them are a hot mess, but the majority of them just look so cool!


  1. fun nail for the fall. I love that your back with a new manicure.

  2. Wow. That nail is SO cute. I really love it. I think it'd be perfect for Fall in general, or a Hokie or FSU football fan! Thanks for the inspiration. Totally pinning it.

  3. This mani is gorgeous and so, so perfect for fall!