Grown Up Coloring

A few weeks back when I was cleaning out some closets, I came across my colored pencils. It was kind of weird timing, but a friend from High School had posted pics on her Instagram of her stress-relief coloring AND Huffington post came out with an article about coloring as an adult. The main thing I got out of the article was the link for this coloring book, The Secret Garden.

I loved it so much I also picked up the book of postcards- who doesn't love snail mail, let alone snail mail for them to COLOR!

This is also an excellent item to keep in your desk at work in the event a conference call is just too long and drawn out. Or you just need a mental break. There is something so calming about coloring. I pop on Pandora, bust out my colored pencils and hand sharpener, and just zone out. Oh, and let me tell you how cool and retro I felt looking for a hand pencil sharpener! Even growing up I preferred the hand sharpener for colored pencils to the electrical sharpener, don't really know why though.

I bought these retractable colored pencils about two years ago when I went through a journaling phase-don't waste your money on them. They can't be sharpened, any pressure used coloring makes it retract, and they are a weird wax texture, all making it difficult to use.  Go with the real thing. They're under $10, and honestly don't Crayola Colored Pencils take you back to elementary school?

Another favorite coloring book/doodle book of mine is My Wonderful World of Fashion, a chance to color, doodle, design, and dream. I highly recommend this book- makes a great gift for the fashionista of any age in your life!

I've recently seen a lot of free printable coloring pages and prints on Pinterest too. The beauty of Pinterest is talented graphic designers get to share their amazing talent with us for FREE!

Do you color?


  1. Oh my goodness, I love this! I color with my boys all the time.. you know, in the name of "bonding"... haha. It's so very soothing, you're right.

  2. What an awesome throwback! I may have to add those coloring books to my wishlist for fun stocking stuffers this Christmas.