Manicure Musts: OPI Nail Envy

I was looking back at some of my first nail photographs, and thinking about when my nail polish went from a few dried up bottles of old polish to what it is now. Getting from being a casual nail enthusiast to the freak I am now, took a lot of research, blogs, trial and error, and mostly time. I realized I need to start sharing what I've learned-from treatments to top coats to basic nail care. 
This is by far my favorite of the 'treatments' category, OPI Nail Envy. This comes in a couple different formulas: Dry & Brittle Nails, Soft & Thin, Sensitive & Peeling, and Matte. By far the Original is the best and yields the best results. 
In my opinion, the Dry & Brittle, Sensitive & Peeling, etc are just ways for OPI to boost their sales, because frankly the Original does what all of them claim to do. When my nails have been damaged from too much polish, gel remover, or just a tear that makes me cut them back significantly, I apply this and within a week my nails are back to healthy!
Above is a before and after one week- the growth is the most significant part, but trust me when I tell you they are so much healthier and stronger!
You can pick this up at Target ($16-17), CVS ($16-17), Ulta ($14-15), but I recommend either Amazon ($11-12) or eBay ($9-11.)
I'm looking forward to sharing more of the tips and tricks with you. 


  1. I have enjoyed using Nail Envy on and off for years. I recently started using Dior's Nail Glow for just a clear coat when I am going without color and I really like the long-lasting sheen it delivers my nails!

  2. I have put off buying that because of the cost. Didn't think to check eBay or Amazon! I have been using Hard as Nails by SH and it definitely helps, but doesn't quite do the trick for my thin, peeling nails. Thanks!

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