Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

I love this stuff. Seriously, crushing hardcore over here. I believe my collection is over 10 bottles at this point, with colors from nudes to black. I didn't need any more polish, but with all the hype, I felt the need to try it out. Then I told myself I needed a pedicure color for summer, picked up a periwinkle color, then needed a forward a few months and I recently picked up a wine color for fall, the gold seen here, and black. Don't judge- black nail polish is chic now, no longer taboo goth polish.

Before I go into details about performance, etc. I'll photo blast you with all the manicures I've done with it over the last few months.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Blacky-O

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Street Flair

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Birthday Suit

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Birthday Suit
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Pink Up
First and foremost- if you want a manicure to last you 2 weeks without chipping, through hand washing, dishes, laundry, etc.-- go to a salon and get a Shellac or Gelish manicure. There is no miracle drug store, organic, luxury brand, or special kits that will last your regular nail polish that long. With the daily hand washing, dishes, and the natural bends of your finger nails, there's no way polish can hold on that long without chipping. Pretty much every brand sells a top coat or polish they're promising to last up to 10 days but ummmm yeeeeahhhhh (in my best Bill Lumbergh voice) it won't. 

That being said, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a step above regular nail polish and a step below Gelish and Shellac. I honestly picked it up out of curiosity- I wanted a polish that would last me more than 2 days, so that in the event we were traveling I could paint my nails before we left and not have to pack supplies for a replacement mani on the road.

The problem with long breaks between blogging, I take pictures and forget the surroundings of them. Case and point, the above manicure Pink Up.  I know it lasted 5 days as I labeled the 2nd picture that in my phone, but I can't remember doing anything out of the ordinary daily chores- cooking, dishes, laundry, washing my hands. I will say I used this as a pedicure at the same time, and that lasted a minimum of 2 weeks- I say minimum because I was forced to remove it for my surgery.

Above is Street Flair, my favorite of the colors so far, and definitely the one that lasted the longest.  I was traveling and staying with family, so my hands were not in water as much as normal not cooking. You can see from the extensive nail growth how long the polish stayed on! It did make it to a 7th day, but was highly chipped and removed once we arrived back home.

Although the polish does not live up to the 14 days as they advertise, I am still very happy with its performance. As much as I love nail polish and painting my nails, I do look forward to "taking a break" with using one of these colors lasting 5+ days.

Have you tried this polish?


  1. I so want to try this polish out. I use the UV gel polish by Sally Hansen and love it.

  2. I really like all of those colours! I would like to try this! x
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