You Need: Hamilton Beach Salad Xpress

Well, hello to the best thing since sliced bread. Or sliced cucumbers. Or grated cheese more importantly. This is the 2nd infomercial purchase my husband and I have purchased (the first being the magic bullet- um ah-mazing!) after watching the infomercial over and over.

Let me introduce you to the Hamilton Beach Salad Xpress. Slice, grate, shred, or crinkle your vegetables for your salad, or in our case, shred that cheeeeeese.

They're adorable aren't they? Well, we only use the orange one- it's only the 2 of us, so slicing up veggies for a salad really isn't that much of a chore. But shredding cheese...that's a total pain in the rear end, am I right? I avoid buying pre-shredded cheese due to the preservatives and poor melting qualities, but it sure is convenient. Side note...if you want an appliance to make your life slightly easier and need a way to *encourage* your husband to get onboard? Have him do said chore...Tee hee hee-- the minute I showed him this infomercial he said BUY IT NOW.

The attachments can be stored on the front of the shredder, with a protective sleeve holding them together. It's really meant for hard cheese, but it will work on softer cheeses like mozzarella and Monterrey jack. They do recommend throwing it in the freezer for 20-30 minutes ahead of time. I use it for any type, sometimes I mix them and get real fancy:

Wait, it gets better.  It's dish washer safe:

Sold yet? It retailed at $49.99 when I first saw it, but it's down to $32 on amazon now. We picked ours up at Bed Bath and Beyond, where you can use an additional 20% coupon.

Tell me this isn't awesome?!!?

Side's what I made with that cheeeeese:

Barbecue Chicken Pizza drizzled with ranch and sriracha. Holy balls my mouth is watering...


  1. I have a slicer like this but don't use it that much any more. I

  2. I love infomercials!!!!! I like that this isn't too big and doesn't seem to take up much counter space. I think I'll be buying this!


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