A Self-Imposed No Buy

August 2012 I had my first self-imposed no-buy, I survived to tell about it, and haven't been able to stick to one again since.
FOR SHAME. Over 4 years I have bought what I want, when I want, and WTF enough is enough. My sweet blogging friend Elizabeth over at Cheers Elizabeth has inspired me to join along with her for the month, stop by and say hello!

I'm writing this on the 3rd, and it will go live on the 6th, but I did start on February 1st! Trust me, I binge shopped an Ulta and a Sephora order around 10:30pm on the 31st of January, but tightened the belt on the first.

I define my no-buy as any extraneous spending over my monthly "allowance" of spending cash. I haven't decided if I want to disclose what that amount is, but for now I'll say $XXX amount. I have already spent some of my allowance on my favorite subscription services, which I will break down below. Some of my subscriptions will come out of the house fund, but majority of them will come from my allowance. As will the pedicure I thoroughly enjoyed tonight after work. ($35)

I definitely have my fair share of subscription services, I've listed them below.

Monthly Subscriptions:

  1. ipsy ($10) I've talked about ipsy a lot, and definitely given out my fair share of free bags to try<<enabler alert: let me know if you'd like a free bag to try.>> This will be my last month of ipsy- I don't even really LOVE any products I receive, and frankly I'm kinda over the sample sizes. (I really wish I would have canceled before the no-buy, but that's ok!)
  2. Boxycharm ($21) LOVE this box- full sizes, amazing products, and without a doubt worth the price.
  3. Glossybox ($16) This is usually $21/month but I tried it out on a coupon code. I haven't decided my thoughts on this one yet- the last 2 months I got were excellent, but do I need another subscription beauty box? This is the last month at a reduced rate, so time to decide.
  4. Julep Maven ($21) I do love that with Julep we get to see what's in the box before ordering it, and most months I just skip out of meh-ness. I did pick up an AMAZING purple holo, and some gorgeous oil slicks recently, but I'd say in the last 12 months, I've ordered maybe 3 times. February was NOT one of those, so this will not come out of my budget.
  5. PopSugar ($20) This is normally $39.95, but Thanksgiving weekend they ran a special offering $100 off a 6 month subscription, making it $19.12/month for 6 months, I couldn't pass it up! I have been debating cancelling this box- they're not as good as they used to be, and I keep hoping they'll redeem themselves the next month. I still have 3 more months at this reduced rate, so I have time to make up my mind. 
  6. FabFitFun ($16.67/month) This is a quarterly box rather than a monthly, but I figured I'd add it to my monthly budget. Quarterly price is $49.99. This is an excellent box- what Popsugar USED to be. Comes with a great variety of products- I'll share a box soon I promise!
  7. Texture ($5) Have an iPad? YOU NEED this app. I used to have a TON of magazine print subscriptions, then I found Texture, which is hundreds of magazines for a monthly charge. It's normally $9.99/month for Basic Membership and $14.99 to make it Premium- which adds People, USWeekly, Time, etc. Definitely worth checking out. Send me your email and I'll send you a coupon code- they don't have a referral code/link.
  8. Plum Deluxe ($16) This is an organic loose tea subscription, and this comes out of the house fund. I drink water, 1-2 cups of brewed coffee, and a pot of tea a day. I LOVE tea.
All told, $88.67 in subscriptions. Yikes. And to be honest, I have a few months' worth sitting in my closet untouched. In my defense, I do only open and use products I know I'll like, everything else gets boxed up and sold on eBay in lots. I sell about 1 lot a month for $50, which brings the monthly subscriptions cost down to $38.67, much more manageable!

The second part of this no-buy is to sell $500 worth of excess STUFF and put it on debt. This includes subscription items/lots, planners and planner supplies, clothes on postmark, eBay, and Facebook sales. Oh, and I guess Stella & Dot. (This isn't realistic as any profit made from trunk shows is donated to a charity of the hostess' choice, but any outside internet sales will count.) Anything I raise OVER this, will go towards my allowance this month or next.

There are some caveats to this plan that I will deal with along the way. One such hiccup is my monthly work bonus. This is commission more than a bonus per se, with 100% of the bonus at my discretion. This month it will go on debt 100%. Or be invested into my Etsy shop.

So, who's with me? It's not too late to start! Let's close our wallets and put a little more away in savings together. I will be blogging about this along the way, and will summarize my experience on March 1st. 

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