BareMinerals Dirty Detox Mud Mask

During the Super Bowl, or just Sunday night as it was called in my house, I had 15-20 minutes to kill until it was time to get a ham out of the oven. I had been meaning to talk more about my love for this mud mask for awhile now,
and I was finally able to get some good pictures in the other day. So I popped it on again and was mindful of all the lovely details.

I am very hesitant when it comes to products I use on my face due to my *extremely* sensitive skin.   Although I'm overly cautious, I also like to promote self-care, and well let's face it, FORCE myself to relax. That's pretty much what a mud mask is, isn't it? Or any mask for that matter. You try not to smile, laugh, cry or frown, so you lay as still as you can. Turn on Pandora spa radio, dim the lights, burn some candles and voila at-home spa.

I decided to give this mud mask a try, as I can use most, if not all BareMinerals products, and trust them to be easy-going on my skin. I did purchase the additional brush and cloth kit ($18) and I am very happy I did. The brush is contoured perfectly, and allows you to get an even distribution and around eyes and your mouth with ease.

The mud mask itself is green in color, silky smooth, and smells divine, with hints of bergamot and eucalyptus. The mask itself contained 4 mineral-rich clays, charcoal, and papaya enzyme for a "fresh and ridiculously healthy looking glow ("

Immediately upon application, I had a cooling sensation, partly I'm sure due to the temperature of the product, but it was a refreshing, soothing experience. It took all of 2-3 minutes to paint my entire face, then I left it on as the instructions say, 10-15 mins.

You may notice two different outfits- pajamas and my Eagles sweatshirt.... I'm using pictures from my first experience using it and my most recent. 

While wearing it, my skin does feel tight and taunt, as to be expected when wearing a mud mask and it is drying. What I do like is that even when wearing it, I can smile and laugh- see photos below...smiling caused wrinkling, but no cracks!

When it's time to remove the mask, all you need is a wash cloth and warm water. Again, I purchased the add on brush and washcloth kit, which contains a black, waffle-textured cloth. The mask itself wipes right off, first swipe shown here:

Wipe, rinse, wipe, rinse, wipe rinse. Done!

I do want to add- in the picture where it's in the process of being wiped off, my skin is slightly red, but only because of the temperature of the water and my sensitive skin. Once it has a second to cool down, my skin is even colored. And feels divine. Soft, nourished, hydrated, and refreshed. No, seriously it does. This stuff isn't 5 stars on every site for no reason!

I did not immediately put on lotion as I wanted to experience all the benefits of the mask. About an hour later I threw on some of my night cream from Beauty Counter to ensure hydration overnight. 

Now, here's the bad news. It's AH-MAZING, so it's sold out like everywhere. It retails for $35 on their site, and you can sign up to be notified when it comes back in stock. I bought mine awhile ago on Ulta or Sephora, and will be replacing it when I run out. This is definitely a keeper!

Side note- please, please, PLEASE be careful when using masks. Please spend the extra money, read reviews, ask friends (OR ME!!) for referrals for safe ones, because there are some toxic masks out there. I know I am overly cautious and super hesitant to try most non name brand products, but it's usually for a reason. My sweet friend Jen just this week used a black mask, and the results were catastrophic- we're talking not able to be removed, horrible reaction, and red, puffy, irritated skin 24 hours later. PLEASE  be careful my sweet friends!

Do you have a favorite mud mask? Do you prefer sheet masks?


  1. Oh my gosh, why did I never think about using a brush to apply a mask?? That's such a great idea. I love masks but never make time to do them so I have a few that I need to actually do soon...I'll keep an eye out for this one to come back in stock!

  2. I talked to the store and they actually pulled it from the selves to reformulate it! Should be back this spring though!

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