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I absolutely love reading currently posts on other blogs or watching vlogs on this topic. It's a great way to find new shows, books, products, recipes, etc and a way to interact more on topics normally not discussed or as often.

For awhile I debated combining this with a Favorites post, but figured I'd keep that separate. I try to use products a few times before labeling them a favorite, it's easy in blogging/vlogging to label everything as a favorite, and it's hard to see the true opinions of the writers. I do not rely on the blog for income, it is purely a hobby, so I will be as transparent as I'd like when it comes to my opinions on products.

I would like to have some cool graphic I designed in Illustrator or Photoshop to express all these in a creative, streamlined picture, but for now a list works!

-The Crown, Netflix. Among a few other ongoing shows I watch, I've been enthralled with The Crown. Did you know that this week the queen celebrated her Sapphire Jubilee, celebrating 65 years on the throne, becoming the first British monarch to sit on the throne for 65 years? That is incredible and just astounding. Now I need to finish watching this series. I am dragging it out to savor every episode- so many shows I rush thru and binge watch, then find myself in a show hole. Maybe tomorrow night I'll create some ambiance in my office with lights, candles, a blanket, and watch an episode with a cup of tea. *Have I mentioned I'm a massive anglophile?!*

-The Quiche of Death, M.C. Beaton. My mother in law, my fellow murder-mystery enthusiast, found this AcornTV series in their catalog, pointing it out to me back in October. Well, on the way home from dinner that night I ordered it on DVD thru amazon.  I have since binge watched Series 1, and found myself in said show hole. For now the fan group on Facebook and the books are tiding me over. Only downside? Books are nothing like the show, so I'm having to re-picuture every character!

That big ass cup of tea above, didn't you catch that hint? That cup is just absolute perfection, and is my current favorite tea cup. I bought it for myself Christmas Eve, sitting beside a pool, at the beach, hand in hand with my husband, feeling sorry for myself. I know, pathetic. I'm working on dealing with holidays and expectations, and loneliness, and rejection...yada yada yada. This tea cup reminds me of the occasion and setting when I bought it, but in a good way. I have an amazing life and need to remember that daily- especially when sipping Black Currant tea and nibbling on Cranberry Almond thins from Aldi.  Here's another shot:

I'm super excited to start sharing videos on here and Youtube- well, maybe equal parts excited and terrified. I have filmed 2 get ready with me (GRWM) videos and need to hurry up and edit them so I can post them and not chicken out. I haven't really decided what else to film yet, maybe hauls, vlogs, ??? I seriously don't know yet. What I do know is I have a ton of fun filming them, so hopefully you'll like them as much as I do!

I have never been a fan of avocados, but have been trying them different ways recently in an effort to get us to eat more healthy fats. I've been making a simple guacamole recipe that I don't love, chopping them up over salads or rice bowls, and actually that's about it.

Chicken Fajita Salad with Cheddar and Greek Yogurt
I tried avocado toast over a year ago and hated it. Maybe I'll try it again now that I've eaten it more? I have been craving an egg salad sandwich recently, and upon grabbing this cookbook to flip thru this past weekend while meal planning, I flipped to a recipe for egg salad with avocado and pickled celery. That to me sounds divine and I cannot wait to report back.

This nail polish. OMFG. I just can't. I literally cannot. This is Alysha from Julep Maven, and it's in the top 10 polishes of my life. That is not trick photography, that's what it looks like in direct sunlight. I also picked up a nude and a cobalt blue holo the same month and cannot wait to use them now as well!

What are you currently reading? I have 20+ books on my kindle in queue to be read, but I'll always take a recommendation!

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  1. That nail shade is awesome.