PopSugar February Reveal

I better share this before February is over, right? Then again, if I share it March 1st, I won't spoil it for anyone waiting on their box, right?

I've been getting the PopSugar Must Have Box for a few years now,
I think it's actually over 5 at this point! I will be honest, the quality is gradually declining as time goes on, but doesn't everything really? I know I have extremely high standards and I'm frequently disappointed due to these expectations, but recently the boxes haven't wowed me. Over the years I have found so many amazing products and brands, which keeps me subscribing and coming back every month.

They do offer special edition boxes ( I think) four times a year, which I have found myself looking forward to more than the monthly box. They are more expensive at $100/box, but they feel more like the original boxes did- bigger, substantial products, a bigger bang for your buck.

This box is valued at $223, and I have to be honest- not one product wowed me. I'll show a bit of the products below, describe them a bit, then tell you my favorite piece from the box.

Tribe Alive Folder-Over Pouch ($98) This is quite a nice clutch, I just don't think it's my style. It's a little too bohemian for me, if that makes sense? There is a good back story, with each bag being woven by hand and supporting impoverished women, providing safe working environments for them. This will go into the eBay bin, in an effort to be realistic and only keep things I'll actually use.

Battington Lashes & Glue ($28) Silk eyelashes that brag they can be used up to 25 times. This intrigues me, and I will report back! They are definitely natural looking which I like- a little bit of drama, but low key enough for every day.

Kris Nations Love Necklace ($48) I have a silver similar version of this necklace which has seen quite some use over the years. This is very tiny, definitely a very delicate necklace, but I will be keeping this to wear. Did you know statement earrings are coming back? This is perfect to pair with a pair of amazing Stella & Dot earrings, just saying...

Chuao Cinnamon Cereal Chocolate Bar ($6) This was super disappointing. You can't taste the cinnamon cereal at all- just tastes like an off market brand of a Hershey Krackle bar. I ate 2 small squares and threw the rest out.

Juara CandlenutBody Creme ($35) I wanted to love this. I need a new rich-creme lotion, but I just don't love the scent. Maybe after trying for 5 minutes to get it open I should have take the hint that it wasn't meant to be. It's definitely a thick creme lotion, very rich, and very hydrating. Just a little strong on the perfume! This will go in my giveaway box-- seriously, come visit me, I have bins of goodies!

Revlon Love is on Lipstick ($8) This is a gorgeous red lipstick, but I don't need another red lipstick, so this is going in the bay bin as well.

So, favorite part? I'd say the lashes. I'll give them a try this weekend and post on Instagram Stories my thoughts on them!

Another month goes by hoping next month will be better. Sigh.... Oh, and I prepaid for a few months, so no canceling for awhile. Popsugar is $40/month, keep your eye out for sales though! Black Friday/Cyber Weekend I was able to pick up 6 months, averaging $19/box- definitely an amazing deal! Makes for a good gift too.

So I don't end this post completely in the dumps, here's my favorite product from January, it's tea, are you surprised?!?!


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