Eye Creams 101 | LilyAna Naturals

I have noticed in the last year a larger number of wrinkles under my eyes, and immediately started panicking. I started applying eye creams, which I then worried were the cause of the wrinkles, as I had never used any cream before and didn't have wrinkles. But then I realized they are a natural sign of aging, a privilege denied to many, so I will accept it and do my best not to complain.

Instagram Made Me Buy It : Care/Of Vitamins | Review & Care/Of Promo Coupon Code

I figured it was about time to talk about some of my favorite new brands that I've found through marketing campaigns primarily on instagram and facebook. I was having lunch with a schoolfriend and we were talking about all the products we've bought from instagram marketing, and I had the idea to make it into a series, because honestly there are that many products. And she ended up referring me to another, should be delivered Saturday.

My Lipgloss is Poppin' | Universally Flattering Fenty Glow Lipgloss

In the event you did not know, Rhianna launched a beauty line called Fenty this past fall, and it's actually really good. I say really, because you know as well as I do, when celebrities jump into something and slap their name on it, quality is usually lacking.