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I have noticed in the last year a larger number of wrinkles under my eyes, and immediately started panicking. I started applying eye creams, which I then worried were the cause of the wrinkles, as I had never used any cream before and didn't have wrinkles. But then I realized they are a natural sign of aging, a privilege denied to many, so I will accept it and do my best not to complain.

And well, in the last 6 months, I have accumulated the eye creams above, plus 2 more. And what have I found? NO CHANGES. MORE WRINKLES. So I decided to do some research, and the growing consensus is that eye creams are a waste of money. And the more I read and learn, I have to agree. I am currently pursuing my MBA, so I am used to writing referenced papers in length, so I will do my best to cut to the core and just layout the facts, no more, no less. Yes, I am an {aspiring} beauty and skincare blogger and I have learned some very interesting facts lately about eye creams, and I am going to share them with you. And then review one.

First and foremost, as you were probably aware, the skin around our eyes is thinner and more delicate than other areas of skin, hence the wrinkles and the first areas of our faces to show age. We are all enticed to buying eye creams promised to reduce our under eye bags, ease puffiness, fade dark circles, and wipe away fine lines and wrinkles. But is that even possible or just marketing ploys?

Eye creams are just expensive, smaller jars of moisturizer. Yep, take a look at the ingredients in your moisturizer, and then compare to an eye cream. Water is the primary ingredient usually, followed by a series of other ingredients such as humectants (glycerin for example to help incorporate moisture into the surface of the skin,) and occlusives such as dimethicone or petrolatum that assist with limiting water evaporation from the skin. Emollients are added then to leave the skin feeling smooth and silky (that we as consumers CRAVE,) as well as emulsifiers so the water and oil based ingredients don't separate in the bottle. Any product containing water requires preservatives as well to prevent growth of mold and bacterias. We are told that due to the fact the skin around our eyes is more delicate, we need thicker moisturizers, so thickeners are added as well as "marketing tool" ingredients such as buzzwords caffeine, peptides or collagen, and then often fragrance.

A sample size from Tatcha, a favorite brand of mine
But then I read something else that made me think. In order for a product to advertise that it changes the actual condition of the skin, it has to be labeled a drug and FDA approved before heading to market. As such, eye creams are not drugs, but cosmetics and according to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act (FD&C Act of 1938) which are able to claim that their product improves the appearance of skin, as most moisturizers do. If they were to say it actually changes the structure or function of the skin, then it is considered a drug and must meet FDA approval before hitting the market.

Hey, I am a fan of regulations, which apparently is becoming political anymore as well. But guess what, can you honestly say you'd trust cosmetic companies to do the "right thing" if there was no one watching? Regulations such as this are put in place for a good reason!

Ok Aim, enough conspiracy theory, I still want an eye cream. (To be honest, I will continue using them too, in an effort to get my money's worth as well as do my best to diminish the look of fine lines.)

**NOTE: Remember I said how delicate the skin under your eyes is? Guess what is NOT included in most eye creams? An SPF. So be careful- remember how delicate that skin is next time you're in the sun, can't hurt to apply a little facial SPF over your moisturizer.

So if you've made it this far, you're new to eye creams, and would like a recommendation for one, here's a good one, reasonably priced, thick and made from organic ingredients. It is not an organic product as it only contains 77% organic ingredients, but in the cosmetic and skin care industry, that's pretty rad.

My friend Jen recommended it to me, and just take a look at the reviews- is there another product on Amazon that has 4.3 stars from over 3400 reviews? I think not. The best part? It's $17.99, and if you're a Prime member, it ships for free and in 2 days. It is definitely thicker than a traditional moisturizers and I am very happy with 77% organic ingredients. The only problem is a lot comes out at once, so you have to learn to maneuver the spout to control the flow. Jen said she uses the extra on her boyfriend, which is actually a very good idea!

So did I just confuse the life out of you? Do you even know what to do with yourself when it comes to eye creams? It's ok, I did it to myself as well. They say knowledge is power, but then again they say ignorance is bliss, so which is it? I want to know what I am putting on my body, but then what do you do when you know??

Regardless, I will continue to use this eye cream and the others photographed below, L to R: Beauty Counter Nourishing Eye Cream, Tatcha Deep Hydration Eye Serum, Olehenriksen Banana Eye Cream, and our Amazon favorite.

I'll let you know if they rewind back the clock a few years or just fool me into thinking I am.

{Sources & Additional Reading Materials}

FryFace Blog- excellent resource, written by a board certified dermatologist revealing the truth behind beauty & skincare products. Her article with Readers Digest is what sucked me in.

USDA- Regulations and requirements for Cosmetics, Body Care Products, and Personal Care Products

HERE are some natural ways to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles (I will attest to cucumber slices, I LOVE them!)


  1. I haven't used an eye cream in years. Thanks for sharing this info.


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  3. When in reality it is best to begin using eye cream in your late teens or early twenties, under eye cream

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