Instagram Made Me Buy It : Care/Of Vitamins | Review & Care/Of Promo Coupon Code

I figured it was about time to talk about some of my favorite new brands that I've found through marketing campaigns primarily on instagram and facebook. I was having lunch with a schoolfriend and we were talking about all the products we've bought from instagram marketing, and I had the idea to make it into a series, because honestly there are that many products. And she ended up referring me to another, should be delivered Saturday.

I cannot remember the blogger that shared the initial review of Care/Of, but upon seeing her picture and reading her blog post, I immediately signed up.

Care/Of is a personalized daily vitamin delivery system, mailed to you monthly and based off your preferences and needs. Upon signing up, you take a little quiz where they ask you what it is you're looking for help with such as stress level, healthy bones, healthy brain, heart, or more energy. They will then create a pack for you based off your answers, which can be changed later.

My initial pack contained Fish Oils ( I don't eat enough fish,) and 2 supplements for stress- MUCH needed at that time with working full time and going to grad school full time. I have since fine tuned my pack to a B Complex, Fish Oil (2 capsules,) and Calcium Plus (2 capsules, the plus includes vitamin D and vitamin K.) They recommend a certain number of capsules, but if it's too much, you can adjust it to your liking. For example, they recommended 3 Calcium capsules, but I take 2 now.  I will be adding Tumeric back in as soon as it's in stock, hoping it will help with my chronic back pain, and for overall joint health.

I am currently on my 4th month of vitamins. Side note, you can push back your box if you keep forgetting to take your vitamins, take it from me. And seriously, the cute factor is what sold me:

I am looking forward to changing a few things up- I also take Hair Skin and Nails (biotin) gummies, a probiotic, enzymes (gallbladder or lack of, assistance) and up until this week, vitamin D. I had read vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, and as I avidly avoid the sun, an extra boost especially in the winter. Having learned this week, it's actually included in this calcium pill from Care/Of.

As you can see, you receive a tall box with a month's supply of vitamins, each packaged in an easy-rip baggie with "Hello, Amy" and a cute saying or fact on it. Again, cute factor. Love it!

They have an app. Millenials REJOICE! Well, anyone else too who is obsessed with apps. The app was a welcome addition, with things like fun facts, the ability to set automatic reminders, access to your pack, and the best part- A TRACKER. Once you take your pills each day, go into the app and touch the large circle at the bottom, "vitamins, check." A little party appears on your screen, and you clock in another pack of pills. Throughout taking and logging your vitamins, there are achievements you can unlock, free vitamins, free packs, referrals for friends:


I pay $32/month for 5 pills, which I do not think is super unreasonable. If I take my vitamins everyday and log it in the app, I'm guaranteed a few free packs over the course of a month or so, plus honestly between the calcium plus and the fish oil, I am close to retail price.


So if you're interested in joining or trying out Care/Of, I'd LOVE it if you used my link! I get $10 for everyone who signs up (yay new referral program!) and YOU GET $40 OFF YOUR FIRST BOX. Yep, $40. Keep it at or under, and it's free, what's there to lose?

Click HERE to purchase your first month of vitamins for $40 off!

What vitamins and/or supplements are you currently taking?


  1. Since I'm still breastfeeding my daughter. I take prenatal multivitamin. I will have so look in to this only I'm ready to change my vitamin.

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