June Favorites | Self-Care Skincare & Beauty

Mid-May to the end of June is a very busy time for our business, so I don't have much spare time or energy to play with makeup and beauty products. That being said, I do make an effort to keep up my self care, and figured I'd show you a few of my favorites this month revolving mainly around self-care.
Remember, self-care is not selfish, taking care of yourself is extremely important and makes you more equipped to take care of others.

Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme

I've been using this creme for a few weeks now, and will most definitely be replacing it. I bought it after seeing it all over social media advertising when it was released back in the spring. It was touted to moisturize, soothe, and reduce redness, so <insert flying money emoji.> Haha.

The formula is a creme moisturizer, very light, almost fluffy in a way, with a small amount going a long way. Because of the creme consistency and the thickness of it I would recommend it as a night creme rather than a daily moisturizer due to its richness. I've been using this at night as part of my nightly beauty routine either after a mask or after washing off my makeup.

Packaging. Herbivore's packaging sucks me in every time, they have such a clean, sleek label, the products are packaged in glass, with little to take away from the beauty of the product.

You can purchase it here for $40, or here as part of a mini set for $39, and use MY LINK for 15% off your first order! The mini set of course is the best bang for your buck, I LOVE LOVE LOVE minis, gives you the opportunity to try higher end products without spending too much for a product you won't like. I use quite a few Herbivore products which I plan to share with you, so let me know if you have questions about any other products.

Fresh Rose Face Mask. This is one of my all time favorite skincare items, top 5 most definitely. I first tried this in a sample packet from Sephora and fell in love with it. Since then I have sustained my obsession living off samples due to the price of the full size, including using my points at Sephora to pick up these little babies (shown above.)

This is a top pick for a beauty item to utilize when you're stretched on time but would like an indulgent treat. It only needs to stay on your face 5-10 minutes, and it's safe to use daily! I have used up my samples, and treated myself to the full size for a self-birthday gift in May.

There are multiple ways to purchase this mask, again, minis are the way to go! You can pick up a mini size here for $25 or the full size for $62, here as part of a trio mini set for $52 (ALL their masks are fantastic, so a good choice,) or here as part of another skin care champs set for $60.

Pick up this mask- you will NOT be sorry!

I should have thought out the order of products better, because each one is getting better and better. I hope you're ready for this one, it's THAT GOOD.

Hint Sunscreen Spray SPF30. I first experienced Hint (yes, the flavored water company!) sunscreen through my Popsugar summer box 2 years ago, receiving the grapefruit scent. We left for vacation the next day and my sister in law and niece (and her friends) were obsessed with it; it did not last long. The smell is divine. You want to lick it off your arm it smells that good.

I have since picked up pineapple and pear and another grapefruit, and they all smell amazing. I thought they were originally $30+ a bottle, which was the reason I didn't replace it when we went through it in 2 days, but it's now $14.99 at Target- both online, and in stores.

Remember, sunscreen is the single most IMPORTANT thing you can do for your skin. I actually spray this on  daily when I leave for the gym, as protection from the sun while driving.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I've been using this since the winter, so it's not a new product for me, but definitely an ongoing favorite. It is a leave-on sleep mask, but you can apply it anytime throughout the day. I put a layer on after brushing and flossing my teeth right before going to bed, and honestly there is not much left in the morning to wipe off. (Instructions say to wipe off excess or cleanse lips.)

It feels amazing on, a smooth balm, not sticky at all. You wake up with soft, supple lips without any plumping though. It comes with a tiny applicator, but I just use my nail (with clean hands) to grab a bit to rub on. A little goes a long way, and the $20 investment available here is worth it! Highly recommend!

Glossier Lidstar in Cub and Fawn. If you watch my instastories, I apologize- I seriously cannot shut up about Glossier products. I promise to share a more in-depth review of my Glossier favorites, but for now will share the eyeshadow products, called lidstar. They debuted during the Oscars was it? Or the Emmys? I don't remember which, but a Hollywood awards night, with multiple celebrities wearing it on the red carpet.

It is a liquid eyeshadow, but super user-friendly, and easily buildable. It has a doe foot applicator, which allows you to put on the perfect amount, which you then blend in with your fingers. I am obsessed. I bought these 2 colors first, Cub (rose gold) and Fawn (taupe,) but have since purchased Herb (smoky green) and Moon (opalescent blue.)

Here are a few iPhone selfies using both colors blended, then individually:

They're $18 each, but if you buy 2 at a time, you can save $6 here. I'd love it if you used my code for 10% off your order! Shop HERE.

I promise you, you will LOVE these eyeshadows. I have been using primarily all Glossier products the last month, they are perfect for a no-makeup, makeup look as well as for beginners. Again, I promise I will share a full post as soon as I can photograph the products!

Billie Razor and Shaving Cream (& Lotion). Ok, this is a teaser of another 'instagram made me buy it,' but it's another life changing product that I cannot have a favorites post and not include. This is life changing. SERIOUSLY. You've heard of Dollar Shave Club, this is similar yet better. I say that it's better, but I haven't tried dollar shave club, I'm just referencing reviews I've read.

What I can say is you can start at $9 for a razor and 2 blades, then choose the frequency of your replacement blades, 4 for $9 with free shipping. Yep, $2.25/blade.

Here's the best part- the razor is AMAZING. I have used the Venus Swirl razor for years, with replacement cartridges 4 for $20+. And seriously come on! It physically pains me to purchase refills blades for razors.

Ok, so I am going on and on when I need to cut this short as I will have an entire post about the brand. I did purchase the shaving cream (highly recommend!) and lotion (ehh, not so amazing) as well in my starter kit, but like I said you can start for $9 for the razor, the magnetic holder and 2 blades. My start-up cost was $29, with the shaving cream coming in at $8 and the lotion at $12.

It's the best shave I've ever had- my legs are incredibly smooth, and I swear it lasts longer than previous razors. It has aloe strips on it, and I have not cut myself, they are super smooth-shaving. KNOCK ON WOOD.) Honestly I will gush and gush about these razors- try it out for the savings, TRUST ME. I have used this about 4-5 weeks now and will never use anything else!

Shop HERE.


I went a little long for a favorites post, but trust me, I had to cross things off my list for next month- I've got some great stuff to share with you!

Some of the links above are referral links (Glossier, Herbivore, and Billie) which give me shop credits for future purchases if you sign up with my links.


  1. Love hearing what your favorite skin care products have been. So going to have to try out that sunscreen. Also your so right about self care. I have been stating to get back in to taking better care of my skin again. Which has made my mood so much better.


  2. Ahh so many products I wrote down that I need to try based on your suggestions!!!

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