Glossier Makeup | A Review and a Glossier Promo Code

If you follow me on instagram, you're probably sick of hearing me talk about Glossier, I get it. There's a reason though- it's just that good. I can't remember where or through whom I first heard of it, but I remember watching a bunch of British vloggers doing first impressions which inspired me to jump on the Glossier train.

What I was attracted to was a low-maintenance, easy to apply, natural looking makeup line, perfect for every day. Don't get me wrong, I also love full coverage makeup and eye palettes, and liners, and bronzers, and the list goes on...but I wanted something simple, something I could grab everyday and apply in 10 mins or less and be happy with.

My first Glossier purchase was an order of two lidstars (eyeshadow) in Cub and Fawn, Boy Brow, Jelly Cleanser, Rose Balm Dot Com, and a Glossier sweatshirt. I'll go into each below, with details and reviews. A month later purchased the blush, a mask, and sunscreen, with 2 more orders going in for more lidstar colors, another balm, the highlighter, a lipstick and lipgloss.

I photographed the sunscreen with these products as I do use it daily, but I will save that and the jelly cleanser for a Glossier skincare post separately as this is already going to be a novel of sorts in length.

In order of my application, first up, stretch concealer. Even though this is only a concealer, and meant for spot treating, I have been using it for coverage all over my face, as a foundation of sorts. I ordered the lightest shade initially, but after receiving it found it to be too light. Not to sound like Goldilocks, but upon receiving the next shade found it to be too dark. So I now combine the two, and the shade is just right.

I use my pointer and middle fingers, one with each shade on each, and dot under my eyes and all over my face to mix the two shades together. The concealer is excellent- it does an amazing job under my eyes, and more importantly my redness. It is buildable, so start with a small amount and go from there. It does have a dewy, glowing finish, it is NOT matte, so if you have oily skin, be careful with your application, or be sure to finish off with a matting powder (be careful mixing cream and powder formulas, even the most expert have issues.)

Glossier wanted the concealer to be different from other concealers that dry matte, caked, and looking like concealer. Theirs, like I mentioned is a dewy, glowing formula, your skin glows beautifully when wearing it.

Glossier does have a foundation (of sorts) called Perfecting Skin Tint, but I have not tried this due to pretty poor reviews from many people. That being said, I do see on their website that they reformulated it in June of this year, so I may try it next order and see if I like it. The main complaints were it was completely worthless- you could not see any difference once applied, even with multiple coats. So honestly, for now, save your deneros, and stick with the stretch concealer.

Next up on my face routine is the blush (Cloud Paint in Dusk) and highlighter (Haloscope in Quartz.) This was my first experience with liquid blush, and I admit I was terrified. After watching a few tutorials and instagram posts, I felt more at ease and gave it a try- it's not that bad! Again, start with a small amount- I do a small dot on one finger, and spread between pointer and middle fingers of each hand. I then dot the blush in a "c" formation above my eye brow and down to my cheeks. (I will have an IGTV post showing this which I will link when complete.) Just keep dabbing. Dab the blush back and forth with your fingers, I bring in my ring finger as well to evenly distribute. I also dab up into my hair line to achieve a bronzer effect.

The highlighter was my second experience with a cream-based (as opposed to a powder) highlighter, I accidentally ordered Becca Highlighter in cream and hated it. This is different though- it's creamy, smooth, and hydrating, with a core of moisturizers that leave your skin SO glowy. Draw a line at the top of my cheekbones, a line down my nose, and highlights on my brow bones right under the eyebrows. Make sure to dab this afterwards to blur the line of the highlighter.

Note: I rub the highlighter on my hand first to warm it up, and even with doing that first I still smear the concealer, revealing my redness underneath. If that happens, just dab your fingers again in the concealer (I use the darker shade since I've applied blush at this point) and do a bit of touch up.

The next part is my favorite, the eyeshadows called lidstar. I have four of these now, but my favorite are the two I initials ordered, (the bottom 2 in the pic above,) Cub and Fawn. Cub is the rose gold color and Fawn is the dusty taupe. I wear them alone as well as together to create a smokey eye of sorts:

Packaged in a test tube with a doe foot applicator, much like a lipgloss, the lidstar shadows are SUPER buildable- I use the applicator to swipe on a bit, then once again dab with my fingers to even out. Then go from there- add more of the same color, stick with a subtle color, or add other colors together. I really love these, and am hoping they come out in more colors, specifically wearable colors- there are a lot of barbie bright colors that (in my opinion) aren't really wearable. Then again maybe that's me as a 35 year old saying that- their marketing is aimed at 19 year olds to be honest (my only fault with them.)

Next up is the brown product (Boy Brow in Brown) and mascara (Lash Slick). If you purchase ONE item from Glossier, make it the boy brow. It IS WORTH the hype surrounding it, I honestly LOVE it and wear it every day. When I go more formal or more full face makeup I'll use a pencil to fill in my brows, but most days I throw on Boy Brow and go.

Application is super easy as the brush is like a mini mascara wand- wipe off the excess on the rim and lightly brush through your brows. Boy Brow is a pomade and available in clear as well as a few shades, thickens, fills in, and grooms your brows. The perfect trifecta.

The mascara (Lash Slick) is a DREAM. I also wear this every day, regardless of makeup, no makeup, gym, whatever. It is a lengthening fiber mascara meaning it adds fibers to your lashes to give them length- so if you're looking for a volume mascara, you will not like this. This makes your natural lashes longer, while keeping them nature looking, not spider-y, and not looking like false lashes.

Glossier said they worked on this formula over 200 times, finally perfecting it. Check out the "Beauty" section of my Instastory highlights to see my first impression and better IRL pictures.

Lips. The icing on the cake, right? I have mixed feelings about their lip products, and don't know if I'll replace any when done or try any new ones. I usually finish my look with this lipstick, which is pretty much all I've been wearing the last few weeks.

The gloss is just ehh in my opinion. It feels nice, it's not sticky, but it's just clear and shiny. This may appeal to some, just not my cuppa!

That being said, the balm dot coms are pretty good. I use the Rose more as you can see above because it's on my desk and my go-to lip product while I'm working on schoolwork, Etsy, or whatever. I do like the Cherry (a red hue) if I'm wearing Glossier and we're going somewhere casual like the movies or shopping- it's a comfortable lip and a hint of color. And when I say hint, I mean barely a hint:

But again, it feels super smooth, not sticky, pretty much like wearing vaseline. And honestly the cherry smells so good you want to eat it. The cherry and the rose (slight pink) are the only ones with a color tint, there is also birthday cake, mint, and coconut. It is meant as a body salve, so it can also be used on dry skin, elbows, knees, etc.

The lipstick, Generation G, is a ehh for me. Maybe I haven't used it enough to love it, or it's just not that great. It's meant to look like you applied lipstick, and then blotted it with a tissue- again it does go with their barely there makeup theme, I just don't love it. It's also more of a stain- the picture above took 3 swipes to achieve that color. Here's a selfie wearing it:

Overall this is an amazing brand for beginners or makeup experts, and I highly recommend it. If you are brand new to makeup and looking to get your feet wet, I recommend starting with a few pieces (listed below)- again, it's just you but enhanced. It's a natural, everyday work friendly, grocery store friendly, date friendly makeup, and super easy to grab, apply, and go. I actually keep my glossier separate from my other makeup in a bin since I use it daily:

Ok, you've made it through the post. Let's talk PRICING.

Overall, I'd say Glossier is between drug store and premier (Urban Decay, Too Faced, etc.) pricing. My picks to get you started (listed below) would run you about $120 if purchased individually, you could knock off another $15 if purchasing a few items together (they offer sets) and another 10% off that using my code below. So for just around $100 you could have a full face of makeup, which honestly is a really good price.

I'd say start with:

-Concealer ($18)
-Blush ($18)
-Highlighter ($22)--bundle with boy brow for $8 off
-Boy Brow ($16)
-Eyeshadow ($18)--if ordering 2 there's a discount
-Mascara ($16)
-Lip: Balm Dot Com ($12) or Lipstick ($18)

I'd LOVE if it you used my code and shopped with THIS LINK, you'll receive 10% off your first order!

I truly and honestly stand behind these products- I absolutely LOVE them and use them daily. I really think you'll love them too!

To see a few of my favorite full-face Glossier looks, check out my 'Beauty' highlight on my instagram profile here.


  1. Never heard of this brand before. So going to have to check it out. Since I have total have been wearing light to non makeup.

  2. Glossier makeup looks wonderful on you. I lthink the lipstick shade looks great on you, tho you have to like it. I will look to see if Boy Brow has a redhead shade, tho I’m guessing they don’t. Do the eyeshadows feel drying on your lids? I like the shades but I have super dry lids. I think their concept of barely there makeup is a good one.

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